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Saturday, June 23, 2012
I definitely love to surf the net and while I'm on it, I always look out for some cool and fab online stores where I can shop my heart out and recommend them to my friends and blog readers. And yes, I found a shop in one of my rounds on Facebook. You know how we girls love to shop for bags! We can never have just one bag in our closet, we obviously need more - one thing that guys will never understand! LOL. 

So to feed our cravings for fashionable bags, Bagellia Filipinas was created! The owners, Kim Castillo and Hiyasmin Neri opened the online store last February 2012 because they wanted to re-introduce trendy and functional bags that are proudly made in the Philippines. Their target is basically the young market who loves to shop for colorful satchels, envelop clutches and gadget cases. Here are just some of the bags you will definitely love from their collection!

But Bagellia Filipinas is not just an ordinary online store - they have heart! Yes,you heard that correctly. Aside from excellent customer service, the whole point of why Bagellia Filipinas works so hard in giving their customers only the best products is because of Joyce. Who is Joyce? And why is she so important to them? 

Joyce is a 23 year old lady who was initially operated through Kasai procedure when she was only three months old, and this has enabled her to live normally, until she reached nineteen years of age. An odd case, Joyce is currently the longest living person in the Philippines with Billiary Artresia. Most patients with the same condition die by the age of three.

Unlike any other young and pretty girls, Joyce did not like going to parties, events, and other social gatherings, because she easily gets tired. She also recalls incidents when people felt uncomfortable around her because she had yellowish skin and eyes. “Sometimes I look into the mirror, act like a monster, and scare myself.” she said jokingly.

Throughout her college years, Joyce shifted from one school to another due to her irregular attendance and frequent confinements in the hospitals.  In her last year of college in Trinity, her liver bled severely which disabled her to finish her studies and put all her dreams and careers on hold. To read more of Joyce's story, you can visit this BLOG.

To fulfill their mission of helping out Joyce, Bagellia Filipinas dedicated a whole collection of fashionable bags for the project. For every bag sold, a portion of the sale will go to the Aid for Joyce Project!  They also went as far as organizing a fashion show for the entire 12-piece bag collection which were auctioned to raise funds for Joyce's operation. This show was held at Scarlet Lounge, Fort Bonifacio last May 30, 2012.

So you see, aside from buying trendy and chic bags from them, you are also able to help Joyce! I am giving you guys this chance to be able to avail some fab bags from Bagellia Filipinas - with the help of these PHP200 Gift Certificates! Eight (8) lucky readers will win PHP200 GC each! Winners can claim their discounts through messaging them in Facebook with their GC codes. Each code can be used per one time transaction only for bag products, excluding bag accessories. So are you girls ready to grab some Gift Certificates? Here's what you must do! 

1) Like Bagellia Filipinas Facebook Page.
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Giveaway officially starts now (June 23, 2012) and ends in two (2) weeks on July 08, 2012! :D Winners will be announced on July 09, 2012 via my Twitter account so please be sure that you're following me. No EMAILS!  Thanks to Bagellia Filipinas for giving my readers this opportunity! :>


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  13. awwww.. this is a very nice giveaway..
    and love the cause for this giveaway! I hope Joyce would be ok soon. :)

    good luck to all participants! :D

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  17. Love the bags sis!
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    Thank you Kai!

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  27. Name: Nicole Ann Valladolid
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  28. Who wouldnt want to shop for a cause right? and they really have good quality bags! NORTH PEAK X WANDER SHUGAH GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

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  31. so cute ng mga bags! esp the colors, love it! Get well soon kay Joyce, continue to trust God, He's our healer! :)

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