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Friday, June 22, 2012

A number of men and women around the world are conscious of their appearances – because that basically becomes a basis for impressions. As a result, different products are being developed to address certain problems and issues that stem from these flaws. Skin, being the largest organ of our body is one up for concern. As the ageing process comes in, skin begins to sag and lose its elasticity – crow’s feet begin to appear and laugh lines become more prominent.

As a young lady, I have no reason for concern yet, but the fact that as years pass, this will eventually get to me as well like how it did other women. This isn’t really a scary thing for me though because like I said numerous products and procedures are out in the market already for these concerns. Surgery? Not necessarily. There are already other ways to address these issues without going under the knife and I am talking about Juvederm. First of all, it would do us good to know what Juvederm is.

Juvederm is a range of anti-ageing injectable products with the use of Hyaluronic acid with long-lasting hydration properties. Plus the products are the natural alternative solution to surgery offering natural beauty. What products are available in the Juvederm Range? Well, they almost have everything you need to administer to different areas of problems. You might something suitable for you:

Juvederm Ultra – is a dermal filler that is used to smooth lines and wrinkles which can be used at different areas of the face.

Juvederm Voluma – works as a volumizer to bring a youthful appearance to your cheeks, cheekbones and chin. It restores the volume and contours of the face which might have been lost due to weight loss. I guess I can definitely make use of this in the future to prevent that hollow or gaunt look!

We all know how hydration is important to keep the skin’s elasticity and youthful appearance. Some areas of our body, whether we like it or not,are susceptible to skin ageing brought about by sun exposure, smoking and environmental factors. Although we have creams to prevent that, the effects may only be temporary. Juvederm Hydrate provides a long lasting and deep effect to keep your skin hydrated. This is actually a new addition to the Juvederm product range. It works on keeping your skin smooth and glowing, who wouldn’t want that?

Last but not the least; I believe that a person becomes even prettier when he/she smiles. A big contributing factor to this is your lips. Notice how we envy over celebs like Angelina Jolie with amazing pouts? Because some of us find fuller lips to be beautiful. Juvederm Smile can give you that. It delivers the promise of fuller lips, fills the lines caused by ageing and wrinkles with lesser pain than most dermal fillers. J

Now you have an idea on what products you can try out to fight skin ageing without the need for surgery. To know more about Juvederm’s range of products, you can always visit


  1. Prevention is always better than cure. At 22, I am also in search f anti aging products I can use.

    Angel Was Here!

  2. Never heard of this brand before. Thanks for the info! :)


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