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Saturday, June 02, 2012
~♥It's a totally wonderful day! I have lots of reasons to be happy because finally, I was able to see the final output from my photoshoot with Sefi Curada and it's soooo amazing I have to scream for a while. Okay, exaggerating here. But I love it - as always! And as promised I am going to post the photos here and on my personal FB account and page :> I did not portray any anime character for this matter and I only placed the word "Cosplay" up there because it inspired the look. ♥ Without further ado, here are the photos! You can click on em to view larger versions. *DRUMROLL* 


 ♥ Credits 

//Black Dress from GlamFashion Clothing//
//Shoes & Accessories from Cherry Plum Botique//
//Contact Lenses from Lens Village//
//Purple Wig from Cy//
//Styling by Prei of Walk That Style//
//Photography by Sefi Curada of Sefi Curada Fashion Photography//
Special Thanks To:
 //Yuri "Crush" Choi (Male Model)//
//Joice (Assistant)//
//Kaye Grafia, my sister (Assistant)//

I really had a lot of fun shooting this set because we were all just fooling around, listening to Prei talk and talk and talk (his greatest fear in life would be for someone to ask him to stop talking!). HAHA :D And thank God it didn't rain! We had other sets too and I will be posting them in a separate blog entry. 

I couldn't thank the people enough who spent their time and energy for the shoot, thanks guys! :) Especially to Miss Cesil of GlamFashion for being so patient! Cesil, I hope you loved this one! Thank you so much for the support :> Let me know what you think by commenting! :> More photos to come so keep checking out my blog! AS for now, I'm going to enjoy some sun lovin' - heading out to Zamboanga Ecozone in a while with the VezTV crew! This should be exciting :)

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PS: I will announce the winner of my Bag That Prize Giveaway on Monday, June 04, 2012 -due to some very important duties that I have to fulfill at home and at work so I can't post tomorrow. Thanks for the understanding, lovelies :) Take care!


  1. May I know who you're cosplaying as?

  2. love love love! :D more cosplay pls!!

  3. Ang cuteee sis! Anong drama itetch?! hahaha sino nga pala ginaya mo? Next time ung parang Goddess naman ang drama! haha

  4. Cute! What character is this? I am not familiar with it..

  5. your so cute here sis:)

  6. I LIKE EVERYTHING! Para saan yang cosplay theme? trip lng? :)

  7. how lovely! ang cool din talaga kasi you can pull-off so many different looks! =)
    bagay sayo ang violet wig too :D

  8. I am so drawn to the purple and black styling! My favorite part of this Lolita look? The socks and shoes!!!! =D

  9. @patsy - Actually that a Gakupo of Vocaloid wig without the clip-ons. :DD So she's pretty much not portraying any character. ^^

  10. @patsy - actually that's a Gakupo of Vocaloid wig without the clip-on. So she's basically not cosplaying any character. ^^

  11. Pretty! Indeed, who's the character? :)

    If it's Gakupo ... uhmmm ... I thought Gakupo's supposed to be a male character! Whoooaa! Gender-bend? Hohohoh~

    Still, ended up stylish and pretty! Maybe not cosplay anymore but just street-fashion + wig on! Yay! (^_^)

    Luv the 1st photo. :)


  12. Your lokk Reminds me of Myrtle! heheh


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