Look: Floral&Pastel

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The whole barkada composed of me, fellow bloggers Yuri and Jerrick and Lei went out to chill and de-stress at one of the newest restaurants in the city - Barcode Rizal last week. They actually have one branch at Paseo del Mar where my VezTV Co-host Lando performs as a stand-up comedian. It's just located at the rear side of UCPB, you won't miss it because it has this old Spanish-Filipino vibe! 

Here was what I wore to dinner - a floral and pastel combo. I have always been in love with floral and pastel colors and mint has been popular these days! I paired the whole outfit with my white patent flats which I bought from Gateway a few months ago  - they're so vintage-y and I love them to bits! I saw the floral polo at the mall and decided that I should go and buy it at once! The mint shorts was just perfect for the look! I have a pink version which will also gain a spot on a blog entry ;>

 //Floral Top from Thailand//
//Mint Shorts from I love JNB//
//White Patent Flats from Gateway//
//Mirrored Gold Arrow Down Necklace from Personalized Accessories//
//Pink Technomarine Watch from Plains&Prints Zamboanga//
Photos by Yuri Choi ;)

It's always fun to be with my friends! We share lots of laughter together over meals of chicken barbeques, blue marlin sisig and drinks. We always see to it that we bond at least once a week, sometime twice or more. It's totally a great stress-buster being with them!

 Looking forward to more fun-filled gimiks with the barkada! :> Hey, have you joined my giveaways? Show me some love by joining them lovelies! :3 


  1. Hey Crushie! The stolen shot is actually a good shot. Just that it's kinda blurry. But it's nice..

  2. Aww pretty as ever!! :3 Your outfit looks great.. Bagay na bagay! :) I love those shades lalo na if sa shorts. :D

  3. im lovin the top! :-) wish i could fit to pretty tops again... :-)

  4. Love the look sis! I love your flower top! :)

  5. AWWW, you really look great in florals! :> so pretty too *_____*

  6. You're so pretty in florals! :)


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