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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Winning giveaways is not new to me anymore. I hope that didn't sound anything cocky. I'm sure some of my friends are mad at me now for that. *lmao* But really, I don't know why that is. One lucky girl, maybe.

Anyway, I wanted to show you guys what I won from a giveaway hosted by the Make-Up Suite! :D I can't believe I won that contest. HAHAHA :D So I got the 2nd Prize with Php1,000 GC which I can spend on the store!

And here were my picks:

Beauty UK Lippies in Hollywood Glam and Eye Shadow Collection in Soho
They are a bit pricey though so I only got these products - all in all four items! :D Shipping was fast too, you know how excited you get when you win things like these! :D I was supposed to choose the other set called Very Important Pout with all the red lippies that I totally love, however, they weren't available by that time so I ended up getting this:

They look really lovely though! I thought the first color was coral but turns out it was more of a nude shade like super light! Something that could be mixed with other shades to get a lighter one. The second color was more matte than the two which are totally creamy and blendable. But among all the three this is the color that I loved. The third shade reminds me so much of the lippies that Nicki Minaj uses in her music videos - it's totally barbie pink and so much lighter! But it glides easily and smoothly on the lips and gives a sort of glossy finish :) Now it's time for Beauty UK's Eye Shadow Palette in Soho. There were three sets of eye shadow palettes with different shades but I chose this set because the colors were so bright, bubbly and summer-ry! I have a lot of browns and neutral shades already so this would be a new addition to my collection. It has a bit of shimmer in them and they're very pigmented with less fall outs. They look really nice when applied on the lids and blended with other shades! :D I have so much fun using this palette! :3 Great choice for me.

 Swatches with Flash

Last but not the least, here's my growing collection of lippies! :3 Not all are included here though, some I left at the office. HAHA! :D I'm planning to add more to this! 

Anyone there wanting to donate? You are more than welcome! HAHAHA :DD June, giveaway month. 3 giveaways all happening at the same time!Watch out for that! :> :3 For the meantime, join my giveaway with Dolcespressivo HERE~♥ 

I am also planning to use my .info for my Tumblr Blog, but I suck at thinking of blog names --  so got any suggestions? Hit the comment box loves!~

~♥Wishing you all the best, Kai


  1. Super nice the lippies. I like the nude shade. Perfect for smokey eyes. Hehehe :D Those are really bright eye shadow colors!!! I can't wait to see you play with them! hehe

  2. wow! lucky you kai... hope i will, too! will join your giveway bash :)

  3. That third color is fantastic. Will you rub some of your luck to me? I haven't won anything yet. :( Haha.

  4. You're so lucky, these things look great:)

  5. OH MY OH MY
    gusto ko ang shades ng lipstick!!!
    i haven't won any giveaway pa :/
    congratulations for winning :)

  6. OMG! at first sight kala ko NYX hehehe congrats again..

  7. I always enter but never win haha. I love the eyeshadow! It's so bright and vibrant :)

  8. Lippies are necessary in every girl talaga! Buti ka pa nanalo! hehe


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