R E V I E W: Cutey Shamballa Bracelets

Sunday, June 10, 2012
OMG! I can't believe I left my blog unattended for a day :< I just feel so sad that I have to miss one day of it. But anyway, I'm back -- with a review for you! This is the second time that I will be reviewing products from Cutey! If you still remember, the first one was about their colorful bracelets which I enjoyed reviewing! You may know more about Cutey here. So I am quite glad that they contacted me again to review products for them. Right now, let me show you their new collection of bracelets dubbed as the “Shamballa” Collection!

What I have with me are two bracelets from their Collection, Blue on White & Gold. Here are their respective overviews taken from the Cutey site:

Quick Overview

Carry the summer sky with you all year round. The pale blue and white will awaken thoughts of tranquillity, happiness and dreams. Float your own cloud with 9 blissful beads, each holding 84 crystals. Don’t forget to come back to earth sometime soon.

Quick Overview

Sometimes a little piece of jewellery can change how you view your day. Let these golden beads help you capture that elusive sense of prosperity, harness the power of the sun and shine just a little bit brighter. Still you, but with the volume turned up. Nine daystar beads, each with 84 crystals.

Packaging: 4/5
>>All bracelets were enclosed in transparent plastic with respective Cutey tags – the sleek and posh Cutey cards which I totally love! Both bracelets were also placed inside a bubble-wrap parcel ;)

Design/Color: 4.5/5
>>When you look at these bracelets even from afar, you will notice at once how different these are from their previous collection. The shamballa bracelets are composed of thick black thread and heavy little beads embedded with little Swarovski crystals all over! I particularly like the design for this bracelet because they’re very easy to wear compared to the previous design – there are lesser chances of “falling beads” and you won’t have to struggle with closing the clasp because all you have to do is slip it into your wrist and tighten the ropes. My only problem is the color of the rope which is black – sometimes it doesn’t blend well with the bead color

Quality: 5/5
>>Cutey takes pride in their bracelets being made of quality materials and indeed rightly so! The bracelets feel sturdy ad heavy and the ropes are thick and securely tied. I also love wearing the bracelets because they really give off that fabulous shine/glitter when light hits the crystals making it attractive and attention-grabbing plus you won’t need to layer it with other bracelets anymore, it can totally stand out on its own!

Here are some of my photos proudly wearing the Shamballa Bracelets! Each bracelet is valued at  £18.99 – not bad for a bracelet that’s quite a steal!

 ♥ Get yours now from C U T E Y

N O T E: These products are generously provided by Cutey for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own honest views of the product regardless whether the products are sponsored or not.

You might be wondering when I will be launching my giveaways -- remember the date, June 11, 2012 ;)) Four giveaways for all of you and I do hope you guys join this. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. I'm also really loving my Cutey Shamballa bracelets! They went super well with the dress I just bought. Hahah I'm going to wear them often because like you said, they look and feel posh! ;)

  2. ang CUTEY talaga ng tags. haha.
    and you're so CUTEY too! so adorbs! :>

  3. they really look super cute hence the name! me want one.. :D

  4. Ooh, I'm waiting for mine to arrive pa. Yours look so attractive! =D

  5. i super like cutey bracelets <3 i also have this :)


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