R E V I E W: Indulgence Whitening Set

Thursday, June 14, 2012
It’s been more than three weeks that I have been using the product sent to me by Skye Avenue – the so called Indulgence Whitening Set. I personally chose this product along with the Strip It Cold Wax so that after waxing a certain body area, I can follow it up with whitening. Before I review the said set, here are the contents of the set:
Indulgence Whitening Soap
White Body Scrub
 Bleaching Powder
Whitening Cream

The manual for this set is totally helpful and requires attention – I said this because you really have to read the manual thoroughly to get the instructions right. Take note that one must use the set religiously – meaning not skipping any step to ensure its efficacy. The manual also includes some tips on how to achieve even whiter underarms! 

Packaging: 4/5
>>There is nothing fancy about the packaging for the contents of the set. It helps that each product is accurately labeled according to their uses and that their ingredients are included. Additional points as well because each product is properly sealed! The container of the scrub is quite easy to open and use, you just have to scoop some product into your palm. However, I have problems with how to dispense product from the Whitening Cream bottle. I have to really squeeze the bottle body only to get little amount of product on my finger. I hope it was easier though.

Quality: 4/5
>>During the first week of usage, you won’t be able to see visible results yet but as days progress – you will eventually notice signs of skin lightening! I have applied this on my underarms after going to the clinic for professional waxing. It has become considerably and visibly whiter after religious application for more than three weeks. What also surprised me is that I didn’t get any allergies or rashes after application of the products – I have really sensitive skin so at the first sign of rashes, I quit using a product right away. The soap was less sudsy but it lasted a long time! :> Without each of the product in the set, it might not work well though.

Price: 4/5
>>The set costs PHP380.00. I think the price is just appropriate for the amount of product you get from the whole set or even super affordable! For the scrub, you only have to use it 2-3 times a week during bath – so you’ll be able to save on this, it comes in a generous amount too. You’ll only need half a teaspoon of bleaching powder so you’ll save on that as well. Overall, it may last you more than four weeks if you’re matipid ;) 
 >>It might be quite pricey but I totally recommend it to people who want to achieve whiter skin or underarms for that matter. It’s best if paired with Strip It Hair Removal Wax and a really effective whitening deodorant –you’ll have to be very careful about buying deodorants. Make sure they don’t contain “Aluminum Zirconium” and strong fragrances – they darken the skin. Go for deos that have natural ingredients/herbal extracts such as sunflower oil.

>>I would also recommend this to people who can follow the steps to the phonebook. I mean, people who can commit to using this day after day. It will help if you place a note in your room to be reminded of the steps, I did that and it worked for me!  If you keep on missing some steps, you might not be able to achieve the results you aim for.

Another con is that it’s time consuming ;( Aside from the fact that you have to maintain using the product for a longer time to achieve much better results. If you are ready to purchase the same set I used, you may visit the following links:

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N O T E: These products are generously provided by Skye Avenue for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own honest views of the product regardless whether the products are sponsored or not.


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