R E V I E W: Yummy Fashion Treats

Monday, June 18, 2012
We've seen food in pictures that instantly make our mouths water. And I've also seen food as accessories – you heard it right, accessories that are good enough to eat! If you're looking for necklaces that have donuts for pendants or bracelets with cake slices for beads, well, you should check out Yummy Fashion Treats!

Yummy Fashion Treats was founded on February 2010 and they offer uniquely designed and handcrafted accessories that will satisfy your fashion cravings! The shop only uses beads and polymer clay for her products where they craft accessories for daily wear, tokens/souvenir items, personalized items and more. Look at some yummy accessories I got from Yummy Fashion Treats over the weekend!

Don’t they make you hungry at first sight?

Packaging: 4.5/5
>>All the accessories are enclosed in transparent plastics with ribbons and their respective Yummy Tags!  It's like receiving a token from a party! I am also particularly fond of the rectangular plastic ware where the items are placed – they were like food taken home from a party! Haha!

Design/Color: 5/5
>>Basically, Yummy Fashion bases their designs on yummy and sumptuous food such as cakes, fastfood selections as well as famous brand logos! If you look closely at the designs, you will notice how detailed each of them are which is quite amazing considering that these pieces are small! The colors are also lively and attractive.
Price: 5/5
>>Would you believe that their accessories are sold at the 75-200PHP price range only? They’re very affordable and won't hurt your fancy wallets! :>

Quality: 4/5
>>Honestly, you won’t resist loving their products! I love wearing these accessories along with my colorful outfits. The only problem would be the necklace and bracelet chains – they will eventually rust if you don’t take proper care of it. The necklace chain is just too long as well :(

I love food! Well, who doesn’t? Haha! That’s why I chose these yummy accessories to remind me how food will always be part of happiness and not to mention monthly budget (I think 50% of my cash is allotted to this –lol). I will be posting more outfit shots wearing these yummy, good enough to eat accessories soon!

Maybe you’d want to check out other selections? You may visit them 24/7. Didn’t find what you were looking for? You may always ask them to customize a certain design! Just tell them ;)

Y U M M Y   F A S H I O N   T R E A T S

N O T E: These products are generously provided by Yummy Fashion Treats for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are my own honest views of the product regardless whether the products are sponsored or not.


  1. No wonder they are called Yummy! Ang galing! I'm such a sucker for doughnuts... =D

  2. cool accessories! hehehe :)
    they look so yummy nga! hehehehe.. :)
    nice review too! :)

  3. Cool creations :) gumagawa rin ako ng ganyan :D hehe. Ganda nung doughnuts :)

  4. Coooool!!! These accessories may also give people an impression that you are sweet. hehe ;>

  5. Very cute! I tried making them in the past but it's so hard. That's why I salute those accessory makers who are very patient with the details.

  6. Ang cute! I want one! :)


  7. Kai! Those are really yummy! Are those edible? Kidding! Hahahaha! I love the packaging, I'm having a toothache! Chos!

  8. This makes me so hungry, sis! Haha. GELAYMISA also does that.. She sells too! :)

  9. I like it! I love those kinds of accessories! ♥

  10. cute stuff.i remmeber my friend selling something like these before too. :)
    i'm definitely digging the bracelet though :D


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