REVIEW: Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash

Monday, June 25, 2012

It is very important for us to take care of our skin – most especially the skin on our face since it is a part of our body that always draws attention. Keeping acne-free facial skin has been a huge dilemma for some specifically for men and women who have very oily skin. I am very thankful though that I am seldom bothered by breakouts – but very few are blessed with this.

I have very sensitive skin – I guess I have emphasized this over and over again. And trying on products that won’t cause my skin to breakout has been a rewarding experience. I have tried products that are not “hiyang” for me while other people find it suitable for them – these products really cause horrible skin problems for me – itch/rash, red spots and acne. So I cross them out of my list. As of now, this tops my list of facial washes – Krave Minerale’s Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash.

Cupine Aloepa is a short for the product’s ingredients which include Cucumber, Pineapple, Aloe Vera, Papaya extracts and Mulberry Leaves Extracts. Based on the key ingredients list, you may now deduce that the product is all natural and chemical-free. It’s totally a wonderful treat for your skin just as it is for me.

Now, first point goes to the product packaging. The small bottle has a pump which controls the amount of product you get and prevents spilling. I usually pump around 2-3 times to get a decent amount of product which is enough for me to wash my face thoroughly massaging in a circular motion. The product also has a label complete with the ingredients, directions for use and function of the product.

The product is in gel form with a light transparent green color and smells really citrusy which I like. The scent gives you a feeling of freshness and makes the whole session pleasurable. This might be weird but I tried opening my eyes during application and it did not sting. HAHAHA! But don’t try to apply a lot just to test this one, okay? It’s also not so sudsy. But I guess that’s okay J

What I noticed during my use is that I don’t have to use my make-up remover anymore to take off make-up, although some would advise to use makeup remover first then proceed to washing the face. After application, it leaves your skin moisturized and fresh – free from oil and other residues. My skin did not feel taut at all, if anything it felt smooth J

Prior to my use of Cupine Aloepa, I had a few pimples as a result of lack of sleep. In two-three days of using the facial wash, they dried up and their redness was reduced. After continuous use, they were gone. I am totally convinced that this facial wash walks the talk. I’ve been using it two times a day – morning and before bedtime. Now, it is a part of my daily skin care routine! I am also planning to purchase their toner and masks – I’ve heard great reviews about those products. J

For 265PHP, this is considered very affordable already – it can last a whole month you know! It is also available locally since Krave has a number of distributors here in the Philippines. Thanks Krave! :> 

Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals

NOTE: This product is generously provided by Krave Minerale for review purposes however all views expressed in this article is purely the blogger's own. 


  1. Okay na ang price for this product ah. :) Might try to check the site out! :)

  2. this is nice product.. super affordable pa... :) kaso takot na akong mag try try ng kung ano-anong products kase sobrang nag breakout ako and it left me scars on my face. :( that's why li-lo muna ako sa cosmetic product reviews.. super nag sisi ako. nyahahaha.. :DD

  3. Nice! Kaw na ang maraming reviews and sponsors! yay ♥

  4. never tried using a product by krave before. but i saw a stall selling in the super sale bazaar last month! :) should have grabbed one!

  5. hi.. i just want to know what is the real price of this product? 230 or 265 ?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the wrong info, it's PHP265 :) I already updated the blog entry. Thanks ;)

  6. Will expect the arrival of my complexion perfection this week. loved it when i tried it from you kai! :)

  7. I would love to try this product! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  8. Good to know that there is an affordable but all natural skin product. Interested to try this product.

  9. Would try this facial wash,kc yung ginagamit ko b4,nagkaroon ako ng pimples,so bad tlga :(


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