Weekend Escapade + Winner

Monday, June 04, 2012
Hello everyone! I had a really nice sleep last night maybe because I had a really good weekend! I know I promised to announce the winner for my "Bag That Prize" giveaway and indeed I already have the name. But I also promised to blog about my weekend escapade with the Veztv Crew to Zamboanga Ecozone since they sponsored our show. So we basically had to feature their amenities while having fun as well. Nothing beats work and play at the same time! 

We left the Sky Cable Station around 2pm of Saturday. Zamboanga Ecozone is more than 18km away from the City Proper or "Pueblo". Upon arrival, we were immediately ushered into our quarters which they call "Boat Houses". We had all two boat houses to ourselves, one for the boys and one for the girls :>

Make-up and dressing up took us a while though so when we went to the shoot location, the sky was already heavy with rain clouds T.T Here are a few shots of the hosts doing the spiels. 

L-R Hazel (Game Master), Councilor Gerky (Travel Host), ME! (Main Host), Dafnymae ("Sonata" Host) and Lando (Stand Up Comedian).

Good thing we finished our Intro and Extro Spiels before the rain drizzled on. So we all headed indoors to the GameZone where we played billiards and bowling! Note: I don't know how to properly play billiards so the boys had to teach me. LOL. It was also so nice of the person-in-charge to teach us the proper techniques in playing bowling! I definitely had a lot of fun and I learned a lot too - I promise to come back! They're bowling amenity is fully-automated (the first of its kind in Zamboanga) plus they have floor censors too.

In the evening, it's rest time and swimming time as well! Lando, who is also a PE Teacher, taught us some basic knowledge on swimming. It was a great time to bond and have fun!
The next day, we tried on to Zip Line!I already tried this before so I really didn't feel nervous about it but for most of the crew, it's their first time. It's safe though, they have operators who know exactly everything about Zip Lining. We totally enjoyed the view from above! Let the photos speak for me :>
With Direk Chai and the Hosts before trying out the Zip Line! :>

 We went home by 1pm of Sunday - tired, yes but also very happy! :> Okay, so that was a totally a long post with heavy images. Sorry for that. Now, it's time to announce the winner of my "Bag That Prize" Giveaway! Yey! :3 So without further ado, here she is!

 Congratulations Miss Mei S. Santiago! You bring home the Tote Bag worth 1k PHP from Korean Fashion Wear. You will be contacted via email for the details. :)

Thank you to all those who joined my giveaway, I am soooo thankful to you guys Please stay tuned for this month's huge giveaway (I'm starting to think June is the giveaway month, lol). More are in store for you lovelies! Gotta go, this is a super long post already~♥ Love, Kai.


  1. wow. thanks Ms. Karen

    I already replied to your email.

  2. wow. thanks Ms. Karen

    I already replied to your email.

  3. this is really cool! & congrats to the giveaway winner ;)

  4. this is really cool! & congrats to the giveaway winner ;)

  5. i've never been to the new ecozone :0) hopefully this year i will really have time to visit the place.. nice photos :) you look lovely as always :)

  6. Congrats sa winner :)
    Your so pretty sis ^_^

  7. I went to Ecozone last April too when I was in Zambo for the holy week. :D I was glad to see how the place has improved a lot. I wish I can catch your show one of these days. I would love to see you in hosting action. Haha :D

  8. Wow, love the feathers in the 2nd pic, sis! Perfect combination of colors :)


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