Alindahaw Lakeview Resort Escapade!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Nothing beats work and play. That's what I always say when I'm shooting for VezTV Episodes with the whole Sky Cable Zamboanga Crew. It's because when I'm with them - it has always been unlimited fun! So last Friday (July 27, 2012) the whole crew along with Councilor Gerky traveled for four (4) hours to Lakewood Municipality, Zamboanga del Sur. We have been invited by the Alindahaw Lakeview Resort for a feature on our show so we graciously accepted the invitation!

So the drive going there was horrible for me and one of our segment producer - Heizel. She kept vomiting and I almost followed suit, good thing I didn't. Anyway, when we finally arrived - a splendid view welcomed us! It was a majestic place! 

For starters, one of the major lakes in the Philippines is found in Zamboanga del Sur; the said lake is 722 hectares wide and is totally deep! Alindahaw Lakeview Resort gives its guests a much wonderful view of the lake with all the different amenities they have. The resort boasts of four pools namely the Bean-shaped Pool, Disco Pool which is a sort of Infinity Pool with a stage where bands can perform plus a bar half-submerged in the pool, the kiddie pool and a regular shaped one. 

 To rest our weary bodies after the travel,  Miss Ruby (the manager) prepared three large rooms for us. One for the girls and two for the boys since they outnumber us. HAHA. We slept at the Bamboo House. Our room was overlooking the whole resort and the lake! What a nice and relaxing view that was! The resort has the Lumbia House as well and other rooms for everyone! 

The food was also very sumptuous! I especially loved their specialty called the "Spicy Pork Ribs" which is sort of an adobo recipe with oyster sauce - Kuya Lando along with the chefs had a segment about it so you better watch how it's done cause it's soooooo delish! I almost thought I'll gain weight after the three days escape because the staff fed us with sooo much delicious food. And it was all for F-R-E-E :)

Kuya Meo, Dante, Jovito, Heizel and Me!
 During our stay, we simply took advantage of all the amenities such as the Lake Tour using the speed boat and the large motor boat. But what really appealed to me was the JetSkii! I was so excited! It was easy though you only have to learn a few basics and your set to go! It was an exhilirating experience and I would love to try it again. Another one was the Kayaking. I was so afraid that I'd fall off - thanks to the boyfie who paddled for me. HAHA! I hope he didn't get deaf with my shouting and shrieking! HAHAHA :D

After all the activities in the lake, we also headed to Sing-A-Lake's Music Lounge where you can belt out your favorite songs with the view of the lake. The place was cozy and really stylish and super affordable! No worries on disturbing the other guests.  

Overall, I was so thrilled,happy and energized to start the week! I really loved my stay at the resort. Not to mention that the whole staff were really approachable, friendly and all smiles. Excellent customer service :) My thanks go out to Miss Ruby and the whole staff of Alindahaw Lakeview Resort. We'll surely visit again by September when the resort opens their Quadruple Zip Line - the first of its kind in the Phils! :> Already excited! 

Watch our Alindahaw Tour Episode this coming Sunday on VezTV, Siempre Vale El Zamboanga - 10:30 - 11:00am on GBPI TV-11 and Sky Cable Channel 16 :>

For more information about the resort, visit their site: 
Alindadaw Lakeview Resort
Lakewood Municipality, Zamboanga del Sur
0922154000 | 09176250204


  1. wow! nice place and view of our nature! Nice to visit soon! :)

  2. Totally! Imma do a travel blog entry soon. HAHA la akong pic. huhu

  3. beautiful place. hope i can go there someday...

  4. OM! I like the pool! Haha kasi my sliding :)) Kid at heart ♥ Nice yung place! I hope they have cheaper packages para affordable! :)

  5. Ang ganda ng lugar... I wanna go there too! Ang saya lang ng work mo.

  6. Wow ganda ng place!! Looks like so much fun. There nalang sana mga outing2 namin. Haha layo :))

  7. Will try to catch you Alindahaw Tour Episode ^_^
    What a relaxing place :)) I think I need one fine vacation now but Zambaoanga is too far from me.

  8. What a grate place!!! I'm glad you had such a grate time:) Just updated photos from the trip I took too, check it out;)xxx

  9. The place is astounding. i actually heard this place and seen some photos but I wanted to see it personally because i heard that this was actually nice.I pity Zamboanga beach resorts. It never developed. I hope they'll improve it soon and by soon it means as soon as possible which will actually be globally competitive in terms of facilities, architecture and amenities.

  10. super ganda.. vale syempre el zamboanga gayud..:)

  11. the place is so nice!!!<3 and girl ang ganda ganda mo!! :D
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  12. Amazing, Ate Kai!!
    I agree with Ate Patsy, your work is so fun! :D
    Thanks for this info. Maybe I can organize an outing with friends :D

  13. Wow! ang ganda plus may jet ski! <3

  14. been there and i really love the view. ;) so lovin' the nature. ;)

  15. Yay! I wanna' come here :)

  16. Yay! I wanna Come here :)


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