Aspiring to Bake

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not only do women need to be fashionable but we also need to rev up our skills when it comes to homemaking. One of the skills I always wanted to learn was baking. I have had this inkling towards the activity ever since my mom attended a Baking Class when she was less busy – now she does all things at home and at church where she works. So I wanted to replace her in the kitchen because believe it or not, at some time point we all want sweets and pastries! I miss eating these goods so I really wanted to learn how to bake. Maybe some time I’d ask my mom to teach me or if she’s too busy – I’ll go and learn for myself then through the help of the internet ;)

Yummy Cakes with Whip Creams

Anyway, one of the things that I’d like to share to you lovely readers is my love for sweet things namely cakes. Don’t you just love savoring the sweetness of this delicacy or rather guilty pleasure? I for one never became guilty of this because I never get fat – something my friends envy. So to begin some of baking adventures, I came across useful information for toppings – whipping creams. I always see my mom busy beating creams with a whisk or sometimes with the use of our old trusty mixer. And she creates this really fluffy whip creams that she sometimes mixes with vanilla and sweetener. And they look glorious on top of cakes and pastries! :D Yummy!

Coffee with Whip Cream.

But I would love for my mom and me (in the future) to be able to do whip creams in a breeze! So I found something that’s fairly easy to use to create this fluffy whip creams. Easy preparation without the fuss all other tools – Easy Whip. It comes in really sleek white and brushed aluminum which you can use at the press of a button plus it keeps the cream fresh for up to 10 days when kept in the refrigerator! Awesome, finally I can use this with the useful iSi Recipes. Where I can now try whipping up finger foods, soups and a lot more ;) Hopefully I will be able to learn more of baking real soon!

Easy Whip


  1. Wow, those looks so yummy! I've tried baking when I was in high school. Baking is one of the hardest things to do. Good luck on your new endeavor! :)

  2. Though I haven't used Easy whip, I heard about it before from my teacher and she really recommended it to us coz it very convenient dw.

  3. I remember attending a training on baking back in HS. It was really fun. I can't remember the procedure do. But I do remember the fun playing with the icing, decorating and naming the cake. :)

  4. i love the first photo <3 too pretty to eat >,< hehe

  5. did you bake all those treats? looks yummy :)


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