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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I have this upcoming trip to Lakewood – somewhere in Zamboanga del Sur and I am so excited for this trip! Thank God that there is no need for us to set up camp there because we’re basically going to stay at a resort. Don’t get me wrong but the place is not a metropolis or something – it’s more like in the provinces where you could basically hear crickets and savor in the fresh breeze from the surrounding trees!

Lakewood Resort

So basically this idea sprang into my mind – what if we didn’t have a hotel or a place to stay? Then say hello to camping. I’ve experienced this before so it’s nothing new to me. You just have to find a suitable place to camp and make sure you bring with you all camping essentials.


 With camping essentials, I mean things that are lightweight and easy to carry that you wouldn’t have to suffer from the weight of your backpack. I have a weak back so it would be easy for me to just bring lightweight materials such as tents, portable cooking stoves (yes, they are widely available now), some food and water. For this have you heard of camping gas cylinders? Well, they perfect for you camping needs and they’re lightweight so you won’t have to worry about having back pains for carrying numerous things. They work very well preserving food and beverages can preserve a number of beverages and carbonated drinks. It can also help you with safety and security – like for example when your camp caught fire, you can easily extinguish flames. These things are largely used for medical services as well – you can also find more about best medical gas cylinders to feed your curiosity on this.

Maybe I could avail some of these useful cylinders for camping then. I just hope our Lakewood trip does not end up a camping trip - no, not yet. Some other time maybe. :> 

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