Happy Birthday, Yuri~

Thursday, July 05, 2012
I should have posted this yesterday but I got too busy with work stuff and I figured I should stop pressuring myself and instead go easy. For those who didn't know, my best pal, Yuri Choi who is also a fellow blogger celebrated his birthday the other day - July 02, 2012. And since we're all very busy people on Mondays - we opted to have it celebrated last Sunday instead, genius! ;>

First off, we had a little chat at Mindpro Mall with Lei and her boyfie Ney and afterwards headed towards Body and Sole for a much anticipated back massage! So yeah, back massages only costs PHP200 for 30 minutes and a whole body massage will cost you PHP300 for an hour! :> So happy that the Birthday Boy got some discounts for all four of us!

Before having the massage, just chilling out on the reception area with some magazines! :> So what I wore was some loose flower-printed polo and shorts - comfy!
Then it was finally time to go to the massage quarters. The ambiance was fit for sleeping, hehe ;D
After a relaxing massage, we went on to Plaza del Pilar for food and drinks. We also strolled among the stores located in the place - souvenir shops!

It was a totally fun day for all of us! :D We were totally refreshed the next day and so ready for work! :> I wish there were more days like this one where we could just relax, have fun and eat to our heart's content! How about you? What do you usually do to chill? :>

PS: I know you must be sick of all the giveaways I have for all of you, but guess what? There are more to come so get ready! :> Thanks for the love and support, y'all! :*


  1. On the contrary, we don't get tired of giveaways! Hahahaha. =D

  2. Wow naman ang sarap magrelax!! Nakakainggit! haha
    I'm excited to do the collaboration with you and Jannie!
    Sana maghit ung giveaway natin haha! LOL

    P.S. Happy Birthday Yuri!

  3. happy birthday to yuri! wow P300 for body massage was a great deal!

  4. happy birthday yuri! i also wanted to out and get some body massage sis!. ;)

  5. Happybirthday sa kanya. :)
    Kakainggit naman. Hehe!

  6. nice birthday treat. it really keeps the mind & body at peace. :)

  7. Happy birthday to your best pal! :)

    Btw, kakainggit lang. Matagal ko na gusto magpa body massage pero d lagi natutuloy. Hehe. :D

  8. Happy birthday, Yuri!!! I super miss how inexpensive everything is in Zamboanga!!! My god, you only get a foot spa for PHP300 bucks here. Glad you guys had fun! :D

  9. happy b-day!

  10. Thank you guys for the birthday greetings! Let us be best pals too so that we could treat each other. HAHA
    visit my blog site yurichoi.blogspot.com and join. Thank you :)

  11. yey! belated happy birthday Yuri!! :D
    nakuuu.. buti pa kayo.. I want to try their massage service too! :D

  12. This is a great bonding moment with friends! Looked liked you enjoyed it! Btw, Belated Happy Birthday to your friend Yuri! :)


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