Tips For Dry Skin

Monday, July 23, 2012
I am insecure about how my skin is not perfect. In truth, it is dry. I was alarmed when my little dog’s nails scratched my legs -  the skin didn't break though but there were lines which are a sign of dry skin. I admit, I’m not much of a lotion person. I've always hated the fact that it feels icky and some lotions might not dry fast on the skin so I avoid using them unless I really have too.

Tips for dry skin
But I've realized that this has to stop. I should do something fast before it’s too late! Dry skin looks so not in and might even lead to aging. So if you’re suffering the same dilemma as I am, here are some useful tips to bust dry skin!
  • We love using warm water for bathing especially when the temperatures way below the normal temp. But be warned that hot water actually robs skin of moisture causing it to become dry. It’s best to bathe with lukewarm water. If you can’t stand not using warm water, then keep your showers short.
  • Who says exfoliating can do us any good? Properly exfoliated skin makes moisturizer much effective. So be sure to exfoliate on a weekly basis using salt or sugar scrubs.
  • Soaps can be drying so better slash them off the equation. While it’s true that some soaps dry the skin, creamy moisturizing cleansers can help. Use a gentle cleanser for the face, ones that contain glycerin or petrolatum.
  • Here’s what I know I should be doing – moisturizing after bathing or washing hands. A lot of products are out in the market that aims to moisturize skin so when you feel like your skin feels tight and taut – it’s time to slather on some lotion!
  • Myth Buster – licking our lips will not moisturize them instead it makes them dry out. What you should do is invest in lip balms to help retain the moisture in the lips.
  • Consider Cosmetic Argan Oil. Not only can this oil be used for salad dressings, but it does wonders on your skin, nails and even hair! And since this Morroccan Oil is all natural, it’s guilt-free. It is packed with essential fatty Acids and bursting with Vitamin E which contributes to maintaining a younger and firmer skin!
  • Lastly, if you like me have extra sensitive skin, please don’t wash your face with tap water since it contains harsh chemicals which can dry your skin. It might be pricey, but using bottled water may do your facial skin some good :>
So there, I hope I was able to help you in your battle with dry skin. As for me, I guess I am slowly claiming my own victory! Keep checking out my blog for more tips on skin care. 


  1. I have a 13 year old teen. I let her read this to know the facts on how to properly care of our skin. Thank you for posting this.

  2. I hope you'll do tips on oily skin next time. Mine is terribly oily :((

  3. i have dry skin also.. so im into hunt of body lotion that my skin would love =) good thing i have found my HG lotion.. the Block & White =) which my younger sister gifted me =) i'll make a review once i have seen best results oh dear,, thanks for leaving some love into my page. yup firmoo was real generous!


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