Look: Shedding Some Skin

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

//Black Coat from my Kaye//
//Lovely Animal Skin Print Dress from COPPER//
//Black Ankle Boots from Modernosense//
//Gold Accessories bought from Local Store//
//Watch from Technomarine//

Here's another one of the looks I did over the weekend with my sister! :) Aside from going to church services on the weekend, I also dressed up a lot. And now that the weekend's over, it's time to start my 3-day work week with some awesome aura~ I just feel super at peace with myself today. I want to have this feeling all the days of my life.

Anyway, the lovely animal skin print dress you see above is a gift from Copper! Thank you so much Allan and Marmie! I totally fell in love with the print the moment I saw it! It creates a sort of 3D Illusion in photos too! The texture and the quality of the dress is A-plus and it's sort of stretchy which will hug the body just enough to give you the curves. In contrast, gold accessories were used. The coat is from my sister's Cosplay Collection (I forgot what Anime Character she cosplayed, hehe) and that coat is FOR SALE! :) Send an email to karenclairegrafia@gmail.com if you want to purchase it. 

By the way, this week as well, I will be having a really H-U-G-E Closet Sale AGAIN! :> That's because I need a complete change of wardrobe. My mom keeps telling me to stop wearing shorts already. So most of the clothes I'll be selling are the sexy ones. HAHA :) I'll need to buy more long skirts from this time on. Anyway, I hope you DO watch out for that! If you haven't joined my giveaways yet, please do. They are all located at the sidebar. Thanks loves~


  1. Like the second photo! Fashion na fashion shoot ang dating!

  2. Nice dress! Fits lovely on you!


  3. Nice oufit Kai :) love your shoes also. Mura tlg sa modernosense hehe

  4. this is fab! go pursue a modeling career! :)


  5. nice dress! i love it esp when you put a blazer on it :)

  6. Love the dress from Copper sis! I definitely agree that it gives a 3D feel on the photos~ And I bet it looks really good up-close and in person too.. :) Anyway, will be waiting for your closet sale. Hope there's something which can fit me.. hahaha :D (I need to diet na!)

  7. Cool Outfit! You look beautiful :)
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings ,kisses :)

  8. You always have a good aura dear :) Keep it up. More creative and beautiful shots please! ^_^

  9. oohhh...that dress looks scary! I don't like gators kc and that print looked just as real! You look pretty as always! Did you just change your hair color? That looks cool, the ombre style but opposite to the usual style.

  10. love the dress in 2nd photo...it fits you well


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