Looking Hot in Pink

Monday, August 06, 2012
Here’s another look I have created over the weekend using the jumpshorts I got only from Fashion Fruit. I admit this is quite an overdue post already – I’m very sorry Miss Gea T-T

What I got was this super cute hot pink romper. So to make the overall look appear laid back yet still put together, I decided to go with white flats and a floral headband with hot pink details. So the flats are adorned with pearls which makes the look still girly even if I’m wearing jumpshorts. The original design of the jumpshort is cleavage-bearing – it has a really deep V plunging neckline which I’m afraid is far too much for me to handle so I decided to ask Cami Secret’s help!

Cami Secret is a woman’s solution to cleavage-bearing outfits. If you don’t feel like showing that part of your bod to the rest of the world without the need for layering, then you must have a set of this on your closet. It’s very easy to use and is absolutely convenient! The Cami Set that I got from Shy Shop comprises three (3) pieces of ready to wear cami’s in 3 basic colors (white, black and cream). The cloth is satin with a bit of lace sewn on top plus plastic clasps at the sides. All you have to do is clasp it on the straps of your bra and voila! You’re ready to go and face the world! ;) Plus it’s very affordable! Now we’re ready for more photos! Credits go to Miss Lei M. :>

//Hot Pink Romper from Fashion Fruit//
//Cami Secret (White) from Shy Shop//
//Pearl-Adorned Flats from Cherry Plum//
//Pink Headband bought from local store //
//Bracelet from Yummy Fashion Treats//

Thank you very much to Fashion Fruit for this opportunity. Visit them for more trendy outfits! All items are on-hand so there's no need to wait plus they ship internationally! =)
Contact Nos: 0922-847-0617 | 0917-847-0617


  1. super love the dress ate kai! :))
    and you look stunning! ^^)


  2. I love the color and it looks so comfortable to wear.

  3. You look so retro with your headband and pink romper! Hehehehe I need one of those camis since I have a few sheer tops that need something underneath. :) Really nice!

  4. wow! love the look sis! so pink!!!!! hehehehe! <3
    I love the idea of that cami secret. hehehe :) I super need that too! pero paminsan, spaghetti tops nalang talaga ginagamit ko pang loob. hehehe :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  5. your like a beauty queen..:)

  6. Okay, here is what came to my mind while reading this post:

    1., this dress is gooooooooooorgeous and you look fantastic:)
    2., if we'd know each other in person we'd be best friends for sure:D



  7. Lovely color, the dress is super cute on you and you have a nice makeup as well.

  8. Where can I get the Cami? Please let me know, I need one too! Thanks!


  9. nice get-up... you look good in it! and interesting cami-secret!

  10. I love the sandal with pearls, too!

  11. Good going with the camis! I wonder if they have the romper in another color.... Hehehehe

  12. Love the pink-iness of this post!So dainty!
    I think I'll buy a set of that cami, I need those! Thanks:)

  13. ..love the color of your dress!!looks clean & refreshing.. :D

  14. You look good with the pink dress..You're really a super mode.. 8)

  15. Lovely Joy Merced8/13/12, 8:42 AM

    Beautiful! I love the whole outfit! Looks good on you!


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