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Saturday, August 25, 2012
Healthy and Polished Nails

It's been quite a long time since I have posted nail-related entries. It's just that these past few weeks, I have stopped applying nail polish to my nails - it's just too time-consuming and time is what I don't have the luxury of. I also got bored with the nail polish colors I have at home so maybe this calls for Nail Lacquer Shopping?  

Of course! But before I go crazy over choosing some new colors for my nails, I'd like to share some really useful tips to have healthy and beautiful looking nails! Plus as a bonus, I included some awesome nail art designs that you can try out at home and some that I want to try out for myself! Hehe :D
Protein Rich Foods

[1] Have a Balanced Diet
Before anything else, if we want to have healthy nails, we will have to start from within. This means a balanced nutrition/diet ensures that you get to have that healthy and beautiful nails. Plus you also become healthier overall! But what minerals are important to nail health? Dietitians claim that Protein and Iron are important to achieve lovely nails. Protein-rich sources may include meat, poultry, fish and even soy while for iron, you’ll want to try out oysters, iron-rich cereal and lentils. 
Applying Lotion
[2] Pack up on Moisture

Do you know that our nails also need moisture? It is important if we want to have polished nails. Cracked nails are caused by dryness. So to keep our nails moisturized, applying lotion each time your hand comes in contact with water is a must. 
Shaping Nails, Perfect Shape for Nails
[3] Shape Up
As you might have already noticed, lovely nails have these flattering shapes. So what are the most coveted shapes when it comes to having polished nails? You might want to consider squared off oval. 
Applying Nail Polish
[4] Polish Right
After having your nails shaped appropriately, it’s time to bring out the nail polish! There are a lot of lovely colors that are out in the market today – and like fashion, the trends in color change too! Anyway, once you have your nail polish bottle, be sure to roll it first before using. This allows for the color to distribute adequately. For guide on how to properly apply nail polish, here’s an infographic you might find useful. Source: Kute Club 
[5] Base and Top Coats

The next tip will be to make sure you apply a base coat – this will prevent your nails from getting stained and for the top coat to adhere. As much as you need a base coat, a top coat also has it’s benefits! It prevents your polish from getting easily chipped plus it locks in the color of the polish! 

[6] Be Patient & Give it Time to Dry
Now that you've done everything, you wouldn’t want to ruin your work of art, so be patient and let it dry thoroughly to avoid doing it all over again! 

Now here are a few of the Nail Art ddesigns that I'm dying to try out! Enjoy!

Source: Kute Club (Nail Art Album)

Oh they're all very lovely!! :> Which one is your favorite? Which one are you going to try out? Show me once you already did okay? And I'll feature them here! :)

DISCLAIMER: All photos are not my own. Sources are properly cited, just click on the photo :) If you find one of your photos here and want them out, please email me and I shall do so. Thanks! :3


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