Review: DTC GB2

Thursday, August 09, 2012
Hi everyone! I know a lot of problems are plaguing the country right now - especially in the Luzon area. All I can do for them are include them in my prayers. I hope the rain stops soon. Sigh. But life goes on for people here in Zamboanga. 

It took so long for me to post the review of DTC’s other models because I have been attending to a lot of things lately. But anyway, I am just happy to have this installment posted for all you tech-addicts out there. I admit I’m not that much of a techy-person but I like spending on gadgets. Hehe :> The next phone that I will be reviewing is DTC Mobile’s GB2. The box’s design is attention-grabbing, blame it on the youthful, comic-like graphics. The box contains the following: 

900mAh Battery 
Mini 12pin Earphone 
2.0 Charger 
User Manual 

Let’s start with Aesthetics, shall we? GB2 at first sight looks super handy because of its petite size – it easily fits the top of your palm. With its sleek black color and silver edges – it also looks classy except for the back part which makes it look like a toy. I’m not sure if it has other back covers available – maybe soon. 

The display measures 1.8 inches in full color so it’s relatively small – older people with eye defects might have slight difficulty. Typing is not a problem because the keypad makes it comfortable for fast typing plus it lights up as well. Navigation will be something new for users who have been accustomed to other brands but it’s not as if you’re learning another language. In fact it’s easy to get used to the keys/menu. 

It’s also useful to know that this phone is dual SIM capable, has Bluetooth, has FM Radio, has access to  the internet, has a 0.3 Camera and can record videos as well – but expect the videos/photos to be grainy. 

Memory is only expandable up to 2GB with the use of a micro SD card – not bad to store photos, videos and music eh? Battery life extends up to 2 days if used only for texting but expect battery to last only 8 hours if used for music + texting. Music seems to be louder/clearer without earphones though.. hmmm. 

All in all, it’s the most affordable phone which is very convenient for calls and text and music as well. DTC GB2 is sold only for PHP 999.00 at DTC Kiosks. If you’re looking for a QWERTY type of phone, then you might want to consider DTC’s Ego. Or if you want a high-end phone, DTC's GT3 Astroid is out and retails for only PHP4,999.00! For more information on where DTC is available, visit them: 


  1. this is a nice review.. I'm a bit intrigued with this phone though.. lol but I suck at alphanumeric phones.. I got used to qwerty like all this time :((

  2. This is the first I've heard of this cellphone brand. The packaging is quite cute and the price is affordable.

  3. I second what rowena said, 1st time I heard of such a CP brand looks like a good alternative tough. Pretty basic and useful features as well.


  4. hmm another option for me..:) cheap but nice..:)

  5. It's really affordable! Something that you can use as a backup phone for extra sims. :D

  6. i have a friend na ganito un phone. okay naman daw gamitin and matibay:)

  7. wow! very affordable phone with a lot of features! i just hope its durable too :)
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  8. The price is very affordable :)

  9. ikaw na ang mayaman sa cellphone! hehehehe :D penge ng phone! nyahahahaha :D joke lng sis <3 anyway... this is a cool phone.. very handy an affordable :)

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  10. Rhea's right! Ikaw na mayaman sa phone Kai! Cool and very affordable! <33

  11. wow! cute phone! ;) xoxo

  12. It looks really nice. I want a simple phone. Call and text lng naman ang importante pra saken :)


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