Review: Mimi Porcelain Doll Soap

Sunday, August 12, 2012
Some soaps can pass as yummy delicacies. I say this because I recently had an encounter with that kind of soap. Say hello to Mimi Porcelain Doll Soap. From Mimi and Tofu.

It might look like just a bar of glycerin soap to you. But for me, it’s more than that. I have personally experienced the goodness that the soap brings to my skin and to my sense of smell. Here is some information on the soap from the Mimi and Tofu Site:

"Tired of dark spots, acne and Blemishes? PORCELAIN DOLL SOAP is here to the rescue! Not only does this soap Lighten your skin, it also helps VANISH Blemishes, Dark Spots and Acne. This soap will leave your skin FAIR, RADIANT, YOUNG and FLAWLESS!"

*What are the ingredients of the soap? Here is a list of key ingredients:

Contains Claire Blanche- the most expensive whitening agent. You also have Kojic, Arbutin, Bengkaong and Lemon Extracts- to lighten blemishes and scars, even STRETCHMARKS!.Tea Tree and Guava Extracts to fight against acne and bacteria. Mandorlat and Mulberry to keep your skin moisturized and brings back your radiant glow. Stemcell for cell renewal and combats the signs of aging, leaving you with that youthful skin. Cucumber to soothe your skin.

Before I begin the review, a little background on my skin-type might help. I have dry and fair skin and I've been using a whitening soap from another brand prior to my usage of this soap.

>>Shipping is very fast, once you placed your orders and payments have been made, your orders will be delivered to your doorstep. All items are placed in a paper bag with the sop's logo! Hurray for eco-frinedly paper bags! :3 Packaging of the soap looks good and well thought of – with proper labeling too. The soap seems long-lasting! It lasted three weeks and a few days with me. The soap is a rectangular bar that's slightly bigger than most commercial soaps and weighs 100 grams.

Soap Itself*
>>Okay, so the soap is naturally not that sudsy – but if you work it, it might pretty much lather. It gives off a really addictive scent of caramel or licorice or both. I just love the scent to bits and pieces that I came so close to eating it. Lmao* Kidding aside, this soap gives you a pleasurable bathing experience. The bar of soap might look greenish in the photo but after a while you'll notice that it turns brown and somewhat transparent - which is normal by the way. 

>>Since I received two bars of the soap, I gave one to my brother so he could try it out. During that time, my brother had pimples and he was worried about it too. He has very oily skin which is acne-prone. I asked him to use one bar and see if it goes well with him. After two weeks, he reported to me that the soap did wonders to his skin – pimples lessened and his skin lightened. He also loves the scent of the soap.

AS for my own experience, I noticed that it didn’t dry my skin. I didn’t have pimples then and so my skin remained pimple-free during the usage of the soap. But to fully achieve skin lightening, one must continually use the product. It costs PHP170/each which could be a bit pricey compared to other brands but I believe that this bar of soap goes a long way and that it is worth a try! The soaps are also available for wholesale if you're planning to re-sell :> Get this soap only from:

Multiply: |
Contact Nos: 0917 564 2052 (GLOBE) | 0922 818 5110 (SUN CEL)
Email Address:

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  1. Hmmmm stretchmarks!

    Parang magandang itry yan!

  2. Hi Kai! Thank you for dropping by my blog :) Sayang I wasn't able to join this giveaway! This product seems really nice.. my sister is into modelling and she gets pimples on her face every time she puts on makeup.. I guess this would be perfect for her. :)

  3. This looks like a good alternative to the usual brand of soaps out there.

  4. It's a bit pricey for a bar of soap ; p


  5. My first time to hear about Claire Blanch..sounds really posh! :)

  6. Sounds promising! Sana ma-try ko din. Congrats sa winner! :)

  7. As I look at the porcelain soap, it seems that it is effective and gentle.

  8. The name Porcelain soap is really inviting. This is the first soap I know that uses Claire Blanche, whitening soaps often use glutathione, papaya etc.

  9. really nice kai! would try something like this really soon <3

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  10. great review and perfect give for my friends!


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