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Wednesday, August 08, 2012
We all want gold and silver but Copper is not to be snubbed. Among the three it’s the only brand that gives affordable and high-end fashion to its clients! Copper is a brand dedicated to providing high quality and fashionable clothing and accessories. They have an array of collection of clothes for the fashion-conscious which you can also buy from their store in BF Homes Paranaque. 

Copper sent me this lovely black polka-dots skirt along with another super gorgeous dress which I will do a look on very soon. For the meantime, here are some of my photos all in black garb. 

//Skirt from Copper// 
//Sheer Black Top from local store// 
//Black Booties from Modernosense// 
//Distinctive Zip Shape Bracelet from Oasap// 
//Earrings from Lhyzie// 

Are you loving the skirt on me? Well, I’m sure it’ll look good on you too. The good news is I am giving away this skirt from Copper along with other goodies on a giveaway which will be released this week! So please watch out for that – I am collaborating with Zamboanga Fashion Blogger Patty Tan of for an awesome August –September Giveaway!!! I am so excited! Tell your friends okay? Oooh! I have a lot of backlogs, I just hope I get them posted in time. Thanks everyone for the support! :3

For the meantime, visit Copper and see what they have in store for you! 
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  1. you look lovely, your outfit is edgy and chic

  2. I really like the skirt haha i love the whole look Kai! Rockin' Chic! ♥

  3. The skirt looks great on you!


  4. Great outfit! Great outfit! Great outfit! Where to grab that skirt? Haha

  5. And you look just lovely and fabulous! The skirt is lovely and so excited to know that you are giving away one like that! Can't waitttt! I'll check that out real soon. :)

  6. your really an IT GIRL..:)

  7. I superlove your skirt! it rocks

  8. hello kai.. you look great! i love the skirt.. can't wait for your giveaway.. never won any of your giveaways yet :)

  9. you are so pretty kai!! and i love copper!! they have nice items!! <3

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  10. i love your outfit sis :)
    pretty :)

  11. love the look sis!!! especially the skirt! hehehehe :D
    so gorgeous!!! :D

    Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)

  12. nice outfit!! :D ilove it!!. so classy

  13. This outfit looks perfectly to you. I love its simplicity yet it's very elegant:)


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