STI Pop Idol~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Hi lovely readers! :) I'm back! I left my blog unattended again for a few days because it's another long weekend which I am starting to get used to. So what I have for you today is an event I attended last Friday. Now you know what I meant with blog unattended, posts tend to be posted late. Anyways.. I was invited by my dear blogger friend, Yuri to participate as one of the judges for STI's Pop Idol - basically it's a singing competition. And being the good friend that I am, I said "yes" even though it was a work day. HAHA :3
Before anything else, let me show you what I wore that day :)

 The competition started at past 9am, which was okay compared to other events that I attended. It was a simple singing competition though - there were seven (7) participants from different courses. It was also there that I got to see some friends again like Kuya Ivan and Kuya Jeremiah, my former schoolmates in WMSU who were judges as well. And mind you, they are really great singers! :3 

During the competition, some did very well and others, well, not so much. There was one contestant who was really funny though! I don't know if he was in his right mind while doing those crazy antics but he did elicit some laughs from the audience! :) 

Contestant No. 4 won the title as STI Pop Idol - she sang Celine Dion's "I Surrender". So congratulations to her! I couldn't agree with the decision more :> She deserved it. The judges were also given Certificates of Appreciation + Tokens wrapped in an awesome way! Will definitely try this at Christmas! HAHA :3

Thanks Crush Yuri! :) It's a nice experience overall :> Hey, I have upcoming reviews and outfit posts for you guys, so keep checking out my blog. Also, please join my giveaways~ They're all located on the sidebar under Giveaways. Check out my Closet Sale Part 2 as well - lots of awesome finds in there :>


  1. Yey! Thanks so much Crush for adding colors to the show. The students loved your presence. <3 The stage design is fine. hehe I definitely love the wrapping of the token.

  2. Kai, you look so tall plus that purply shade on your lips looks really, really nice! I bet it won't look as good on me! :D

  3. I love your outfit! Laid-back but cool! :)

  4. i like how you can pull off bright and fun colors without looking like you're trying too hard :)

  5. nice short & top you look great..:)


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