Wedding Gown Favorites~

Friday, August 31, 2012
Didn't I tell you about Wedding dresses some days ago? Well, now is the time for me to show you some of my fave wedding dress designs that I found over the net. I came across this website that offer a wide selection of wedding dresses at a very affordable price. They are even cheaper than most of the stores that sell the same dresses. Right now, here are my top picks from :> 

I have this knack for ballgowns really - just because they're the princess-y type! I grew up to Disney's lovely characters anyway like Cinderella, Smow White, Belle and others who wore ballgowns with pretty details! First off is a very simple wedding dress with lovely lace details. There is this corset like thing that hugs her waist perfectly! All that's missing is a tiara and you'll look like a princess on the way to the ball.

 The other gowns I chose had lovely details on the skirts. It's like a cake with all the ruffles adorned with pearls and other ornaments. The last dress is also a very simple one with the silver belt. I think this gown is totally ideal for a garden wedding! With minimal makeup and a lovely hairdo - you're all set to go! Next time, I'll show off some lovely gowns for bridesmaids and for the prom! That should be exciting! :>


  1. I love those from Michael Cinco. They're just super :)

    1. Those from Michael Cinco?These wedding dresses from dressale.

  2. Someday! I can wear these lovely gowns ;)


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