Weddings and Flowers~

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Have you been dreaming of that special day? Are you, like me, also excited for that very day to come? Do you even know what I am talking about? Well, if you're a woman, then you must know what this is about. I am simply referring to that grand wedding we all have been dreaming of! 

Almost all women I know are ecstatic about this special occasion. And don;t get me wrong, I am one of them too. I can see myself in that long , flowing, white wedding dress walking in an isle full of lovely flowers. In what we see at movies and even reality shows, we see how the women are the ones always involved in the preparation for the big event. From all the details, you would totally expect the bride to have a say in the important decisions. Although there are wedding planners to assist, it is always the bride's preferences that are taken into consideration. Seldom do we see men actively participating in this. So where am I going with this talk anyway? It only means that we women must have a clear idea of what we want for that special occasion. 

I have always wanted a garden wedding. And what better way to create that than to have lovely floral arrangements. Of course, I’ll need florists Denver for that matter. Florists are experts in that field and can totally help me out in picking an overall theme for an event. Take note, not only are florists useful for weddings but typically for any special event! 

Wedding Flowers Denver can change the ambiance of the venue but you’ll have to make sure you know which ones to include and which ones to ditch so you don’t make the mistake of turning the venue into a jungle of flowers. So the next time, you want an event to become a special one, try to have a clear idea of what you want. Maybe next time, we’ll also talk about wedding dresses. But that’ll have to wait. 


  1. Waaaaa!!! I wanna get married na rin!!! hahahaha I guess it's really every girl's dream. I think I want a garden wedding also. I can imagine it na. Gorgeous flowers, btw! :)

  2. wow ang ganda ng centerpiece very Elegant!


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