Congrats Giveaway Winners!

Monday, September 17, 2012
I know a lot of you are waiting for announcements like this one. I, for one, get also excited to know who won in the giveaways I joined, who knows? It might be my name in there. Anyway, without further ado, here are the lucky winners for TWO of my giveaways - Fenomenal Woman Giveaway & ClothingLoves International Giveaway! 

Congratulations ladies! :D Emails will be sent out to the winning individuals. As for the International giveaway, a representative from Clothingloves will contact you shortly. If the winners do not respond to the email within two (2) days, we will draw another name to take her place. Please be informed that we are very STRICT about this so please comply asap! :3 Thanks to all who joined and contributed to the 4,357 entries for the Fenomenal Woman Giveaway & 2,049 entries in the Clothingloves Giveaway ^-^

I would also like to thank Fenomenal Centrale & ClothingLoves for sponsoring this awesome giveaway on my blog! Hopefully this will be the first of many :D I still have one huge giveaway going on in my blog, be sure to join it & win awesome prizes! 


  1. congrats winners.. ganda tlg ng prizes :))) sayang..hehehe

  2. Hi Kai! I failed to reply within two days. If ever i still have the chance on the prizes, i emailed you back! *Crossing my fingers* love you and your blog :) - hazel

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