Feature: Neon Ice

Thursday, September 20, 2012
There are times that we feel like our outfits are too dry, drab or dull. Maybe it lacks that embellishment or the color is too monotonous or simply we are out of ideas. It's a great thing though that accessories were created. When we say accessories, they are the little (or large) add-ons that we apply on our bodies from day-to-day to turn our boring outfits into interesting (or intriguing) ones. 

I recently stumbled upon this online store named "Neon Ice" that offers these accessories - they have rings, bracelets, necklaces which are very much affordable and unique. Look at some of the things they're offering. 

Aside from all those lovely items, they also sent me two rings which I love :3 I can't wait to use them on my outfit posts! :3 

 Visit them now before they run out of those lovely accessories! :>

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