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Thursday, September 27, 2012
✿ People have been asking me how I grow my hair long in just a matter of weeks or months. If you're an avid reader of my entries, you must have already seen in my photos that I have long hair which I had colored/dyed for three times now. Not all women are blessed with long, straight hair though and with all the hair processing going on, it can even damage your hair. Now, if you want to achieve longer hair or a certain style that requires a head of hair without having to wait for months, you can always turn to human hair extensions cheap that are largely available in many stores online! 

Let me list the advantages of using hair extensions!
  • Women have this knack for having a new hairstyle after undergoing some major events in our lives. This is just one way of expressing our emotions, it might be that shorter hair makes us fresher and more confident. With hair extensions, you don't actually have to cut of those lovely tresses then regret doing it after. And with your desired hairstyle, you're sure to have a confidence boost!
  • Have you always hated having those split ends? Worry not for when you're using extensions, it can cover your real hair which will instantly make your hair look wonderful again!
  • I always hated the fact that my hair was too limp, too flat and too boring. I don't get the volume I always wanted for my hair. When I knew about hair extensions while I was shopping for wigs, I discovered how I can actually achieve that volume I always wanted which will allow me to style my hair in the way I want. 
  • Like I said, I have repeatedly dyed.colored my hair depending on my mood or on the trend but imagine what damage it did to my hair after. I just had to stop dyeing and start restorative treatments to get back my healthy hair. But with hair extensions, you can easily change your hair color & apply highlights easily without having to suffer hair damage!
  • It is also worth knowing that these extensions can be easily applied and taken off if you want to change your hairstyle - from long to short, from blonde to brunette! 
There might even be more advantages to wearing/applying human hair extensions that you'll only discover if you give it a try. 

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  1. I used to wear clip on hair extensions a couple of years ago, when my hair was shorter and straight. They do make a difference.


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