Going Formal with Blazers

Monday, September 24, 2012
My sister was recently hired for her second job and she’s been very happy about it. I guess one thing that really helped her boost her confidence was what she wore for the interview. She asked some style advice from me – something that she could wear to the interview without looking more than her real age, something that looks professional but more age-appropriate. If you are going to experience the same thing as my sister went through, perhaps I could give you some style advice.

I would always turn to blazers for that instant formal, work-appropriate look, provided that the blazer is not too flashy that it would pass for disco nights or stage performances. You must keep it simple yet chic. I suggest you go for neutrals, black or white blazers. If you want to put more color and spunk to it, you may do so by making the inner piece more colorful, with prints. 

Here is an example of a work-wear that that you can try out – all of this can be found at any women’s wholesale womens clothing department and will even cost you less.
If you want to stick to your feminine side, you can always wear a blazer over a frilly dress in pastel colors. Just like this ensemble that I found at Clothingloves!

Got any more ideas to share? I am very much interested to know your style – comment away! :3

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  1. w0w thanks for this blog.. its so nka2long tlaga sya lalo n I applying for my 2nd Ojt at our school and having problem at how ima wearing when my interview comes..

    share q lng this vid.. wla lng:)


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