How To Wear: Polo Shirts

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
A number of fashion magazines, stylists and even bloggers are starting to incorporate men’s wear into the female fashion scene. Stores and boutiques all around the globe are getting into this bandwagon because a huge percentage of women also dig this trend – this may have something to do about the idea of women being at par with men in everything which includes fashion. And fortunately, women look good in men’s wear as well –with some alterations in check however. 

Let us take for example the famous polo shirts, we have here one from Clothingloves which are largely for men, a few years back, it has also become popular with the women population. The advent of this very simple cut stemmed from Tennis players and even Golf athletes since it provides maximum comfort during tournaments. Now, it has become fashion trend and a basic piece in every fashionista’s closet. With a different take on this staple piece, wearing this simple style of clothing also requires attention and style. Here are some ways women can wear a polo shirt without having to look like anything else but a woman with confidence. 

If you like your polo shirts to be buttoned all the way up, then so be it. Provided that you tuck it into a frilly skirt or if you want that playful vibe, you can always tuck it into candy-colored shorts with a thin belt. 

Is the temperature getting low for your liking? Learn to layer! Polo shirts will work best if you layer this with an inner long sleeved top – for a more vibrant overall look, try on some colorful stripes underneath. 

Want to get a laidback luxe look? You can always use the polo shirt as is and throw in a nice pair of jeans and some accessories to liven up a dull look and you’re ready to go malling or eating out with friends. Or are you going for a corporate look? Bring on the blazers and that’ll solve the problem pronto! Just leave the top button open and tuck the colar inside the blazer and voila you’re off to that very important business meeting. 

So you see, a simple polo shirt which is originally created for athletic purposes can prove to become a trendy and fashionable piece when worn appropriately for different occasions. It depends on what you put in with it to create different looks. You see you can always look for affordable polo shirts in the wholesale men's clothing department where different styles and colors can be found. 


  1. I have several polo shirts! Recently, I'm getting addicted to tucking them up. My hubby laughs at me sometimes kc formal-formal-an daw ako. Kainis!

  2. I only wore polo shirts when I was still playing golf. I could never pull it off, though. I admire girls who can look effortlessly chic in one. :)

  3. polo shirts look so formal to me so i rarely wear them :) nice post love!
    The Bargain Doll

  4. This is such an informative article. I have plenty of polo shirts but will soon try to experiment my brother's ^_^

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  6. Fabulous article you have remind me the idea that athletic polo shirts are so important to wear to relax your body. i rearly wear polo shirts as it perfectly suits on me.


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