Lately, I have been. . .

Friday, September 28, 2012
It's the end of the weeeeeeek! Who's excited? We all are! Hello to a weekend that's going to be busy for me.  Before I head on to my super busy weekend - two photoshoots, one TV shoot and Church - let me show you in photos what I've been doing the past week. Lately, I have been. . . 
...hoarding Nail Polishes in different colors. I bought them from a recent trip to the mall and they cost only a little damage to my wallet because they're just super affordable!

...painting my nails a light avocado green color. How do you like it? It's actually my first time to buy a polish in that color. I was trying to do nail art that night (yes, night!!!) but I miserably failed. LOL

...busy designing business cards, stickers and tags for Sugar-Rush products.

...taking photos of this adorable, lovely, affordable and yummy dessert mobile phone dust plugs/ear pluggies. PS. They are available now at Sugar-Rush for only PHP8O.OO each :> Click HERE to purchase.

...crushing on this lovely doll named Tahlia from Dream of Doll website. There are a lot of them actually in the website and I'd love to have them all and dress em up but they cost around 500USD each! T-T I don't even want to start computing the value in pesos - I'll save myself from disappointment. lolx*

So that's all for today, loves :> Please watch out for the clothing collection of Sugar-Rush next week <3 I was supposed to launch it this week but there isn't time to have a photoshoot for it so we'll have it tomorrow instead. Wish us luck! <3


  1. I love the color of your nail polish. I have the same color. Those ear plugs are really cute. Got interested in your online shop :)

  2. I Love these cute stuffs.. you have a very nice collection here.. and that doll is magnificent

  3. That doll is a beauty!
    And it's more expensive than the Maleficent doll that I bought from Disney! :)

  4. the business card you designed is so neat and cute! I also have that green nail polish from caronia, mixed it with red and ended up having watermelon nails haha

  5. I love that green shade. I wish I could paint my nails eye-catching colors din but I'm stuck with boring neutrals (as per husband's request).

    I love looking at BJDs but I never really had the chance to get one. My doll-hoarding fever has passed, methinks.

  6. That's a beautiful goth doll! you know I never owned a Barbie doll my whole life haha. Lucky you to enjoy these beautiful creations now.

  7. I love that shade of green! your nails look great! so how did you weekend go?:) sorry for the late visit.

  8. Oh dear Dream of Doll... my favorite BJD. I'm not sure if it is still up on their website but the older dolls once had a backstory. I even cosplayed Petsha before :) Pinatahi ko pa kay Altom ung dress..

  9. I love the Avocado green Nail Polish from Caronia <3 Nice choice!


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