Men's Fashion Trends for Fall

Monday, September 17, 2012
Men, unlike women, might not care much about fashion, much less trends or barging into mens clothing stores to look for some of the trendiest outfits. Being a woman, it certainly is a plus factor that our men know how to dress appropriately for every occasion. However, there are a number of very stylish men who do care and would like to know about the trends in fashion – especially since it changes from season to season. I'd like to be informed about these trends so I can share them with the men in my life - my brother, my dad and even my boyfriend who's also into looking good all the time.

The runways have just recently got rid of the past trends and taken in some new hues, textures and styles of fabrics for Fall. Here are a few of the styles for men that designers and fashionistas think will become popular and will crowd the runways this season. 

If your man is into prints, then maybe he’ll love this trend – Non Plaid Patterns. We've seen different styles on men – checkered patterns, stripes and plaid. But right now, designers are pushing on with tribal prints and other vibrant designs. Check out this dress shirts from Robert Graham with small prints.

The next trend presented would be something that more men will love, I guess. When it comes to tailored cuts, more labels will turn to easy shapes, longer lines, a lack of texture and well a lot of black just like mens dress shirts in one color. 

There are plenty of styles for men this season that are out there. And trend reports such as this would help you and your men shop for the clothes you would need – still being in style but keeping in touch with your own taste. 

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