My HBC Haul!

Saturday, September 08, 2012
I'm sure you remember me hosting a giveaway sponsored by HBC - the "Beauty Fairy Giveaway" and I also blogged about the Gift Certificate that they sent me for launching the giveaway and so I am very thankful to them, especially to Miss Lorie. I thought it was a great idea for her to let me choose the items I want for myself in a nearby HBC Store in Zamboanga :>

My "Lil" HBC Haul~
So what I have right now is a little haul I got from HBC. The GC was worth PHP500 so I only had to add a little more to pay for all my purchases. I have always wanted to buy a home hair spa treatment because my hair has been dyed for three times already and I don't want it to get brittle and dry. I was so amazed to see that HBC has this Hair Spa Treatment for only PHP223.00 in 500g. That's quite affordable! I have loved it ever since I first used it - there's this cool sensation that feels so good on the scalp! 

Next, after getting my hair dried, I thought it would be nice to have a handy hair serum in my bag - and guess what I found? Hair Perfection Luminux Spray! All you need to do to have soft and smooth hair without the tangles is to spray a decent amount all over your mane and you're all set. I love how it does not feel heavy at all! This small bottle is something that I can carry with me anywhere I go for touch-ups and during the "mahangin-ba-sa-labas?" moments. Lolx

Next, something for the body. I got this Body Recipe Lotion in Sweet Pea which smells a lot like one of my fragrances in the Vintage French Collection. It's infused with Shea Butter for maximum moisture so my skin does not look dry. It's also a plus that it dries quite quickly on my skin so no icky feeling there :> Trust me! The packaging is also quite nice, don't you think?

Last but not the least, is the Body Recipe Body Mist in Cucumber Bliss! The scent is just fantastic - not too strong and not too light. It smells clean and fresh like you just stepped out of the bathroom even when it's 12noon! 

So there you go! All that cost me PHP600+ which is definitely not bad for a small haul of HBC Products. Next time, I'm planning to buy more facial/body care products from them. For international customers, you can always go to to browse and buy their affordable products :> Thank you HBC! :3 I just got done shooting for another VezTV Episode to be aired tomorrow! I hope you watch it~ I was wearing a Pink Sugar-Rush Headband :>


  1. i love sweet pea and cucumber mist :)

  2. I want to buy the Body Recipe Body Mist in Cucumber Bliss! Looks mabango! hehe :)

  3. i wanna try the hair varnish :)

  4. I use Body Recipe Body Mist they are awesome & i love the smells


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