My Thoughts on Modern Medicine Promotion

Monday, September 10, 2012
My monthly expenses include a lot of things - monthly bills, shopping and a lot more which I would rather keep to myself. I am so glad that I don;t have to spend much for healthcare because God has blessed me and my family with good health. And yes these are the happy times. But this made me think of all the other families in the Philippines that don't get to have medical attention or those that spend monthly for healthcare services and medicines. 

And speaking of medicines, we all know how there are a lot of different brands and types out in the market today. As you read this, an advertisement of a pain killer might be playing on the TV.  I am sure that with the free TV Channels we have here in the Philippines, you have not missed the numerous medicine ads that crowd the airtime. They're there everyday playing repeatedly round the clock. Gone were the days when our doctors were the only ones to prescribe/endorse medicines to patients - now even tri-media does this. Some brands even resort to launching competitions and contests to broaden their reach and consumer scope and exposure. I have read an article online about the different factors of promoting medicines online and offline. My thoughts are that indeed with the promotions going on in modern ways, people get more aware of what to believe, what to buy and what not to. . I agree with the points that the author has written down. Being a consumer myself, I don't just purchase a product because of it's hype but instead border on the effectiveness of the product. However, I salute those companies who reach out to the community and present what they can offer. 

Ever saw that ad on TV with Vic Sotto endorsing Solmux vs a cough syrup derived from natural Lagundi leaves. So there goes your feuding medicine ads which leads viewers to have different views. Both brands are obviously bashing one another and claims to be the best. 

And have you noticed that some of the medicine ads we see on TV are violent? Let's take for example, Saridon. Do you remember the ad where a man drives a stamp on the other man's head signifying a headache? These are the types of ads I am talking about. I  think that violence in ads - not only in medicine ads - should not be encouraged because one, children watch programs on TV. We all know how children mimic adults' behaviors and carry it with them until they get old - which is an age that's hard to mold. Second, a lot of Filipinos are already becoming outspoken with the advent of tri-media and so differing reactions can be elicited  from this violent ads. Like the MTRCB for programs, it's high-time that medicine ads must also have guidelines as well. 


  1. I have not seen the Saridon ad. It should be pulled out.


  2. I agree with you that the Saridon ad is a bit violent and let's remember that children are very impressionable. They might do that to their playmates because they think that it's okay.

  3. I actually like the Saridon ad 'cause it gives off a realistic feel of how people with migraine or intense headache feels. I'm not sure if they air the TVC in the mornings or afternoons though, when children are watching. As far as I know ads like this which might be a little too violent for children can still be aired as long as it's not within the range of time children are watching.. :)

  4. It can be difficult for companies to stand out and be retained by the viewers, that's why these companies make the most out of their short spots. However, I agree that they have to be responsible as well in promotion. Nice observation, btw. =)

  5. Violent medicine ads should indeed be regulated for the benefit of the little ones watching at home. What is not right should not be tolerated.

  6. I don't watch TV much, if I do it's always some cable channel with no ads... so I don't really see too many TVCs.

  7. i agree with you on that one. i guess the government or the big telly companies ought to take it upon themselves to regulate which ads to show during prime time or those times when they know little ones are watching!


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