Out for a Splash~

Thursday, September 20, 2012
When we want to have rest & relaxation, nothing beats a trip to the beach or a resort where you can slip into your swim wears and trunks and just enjoy the sunshine. I admit, here in Zamboanga City, we're not getting much sun because it has been raining for days now. That is why I cannot help but think of taking a dip even just for a while and sipping on some buko juice while listening to relaxing music. 

I also have been scouting for the perfect outfits to go with this short vacays/trips! The most appropriate wears would be a two-piece, a cover-up, a cute pair of slippers, a buri hat and sunnies! Some of the essentials are sunblock lotion too to save your skin from getting sunburned. If ever I'll have trips like this in the future, here is one of my fave styles for swimwear:

Isn't it cool? It has a sort of vintage feel to it which I am currently loving! If you are planning to bring your children or babies out for a swim, well then I have good news for you especially for mommies out there looking for cutesy outfits for their little ones, you can checkout http://www.splashabout.com and see what's in for your little kiddos! <3


  1. love that swim suit!~

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  2. w0w polka dots swim wear.. so classic :)

    share share share and watch watch watch <3


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