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Monday, September 24, 2012
Holy smokes! It’s been raining non-stop here in Zamboanga! I had the most boring weekend ever and I missed some of my appointments because of the rain. I think the rain will continue to rage on within this week but there’s no stopping me from going to work or from posting blog entries on my blog. I have so much to do really and Monday’s just a great start to it.

For now, let me share with you another techy post brought to us by DTC Mobile. Previously, I have reviewed two DTC Mobile Phones already (read it here & here)  – so there’s two more to go! :> I am so excited to tell you guys about the two remaining phones but today I’m only going to review one which is DTC’s Stark. Doesn’t it remind you of the characters in Game of Thrones? The so called– House of Starks?  Anyway, let’s go on to the review. The blue, cutesy box of DTC Stark contains the following:

800mAh Battery
3.5 Earphone
Mini12pin Charger
Micro5pin Data Cable
User Manual

For a slightly higher price, you get more out of DTC Stark, compared to GB2, this phone looks like it’s a sliding phone! But don’t be deceived, it’s not. In fact it’s only the design that makes it look like a sliding phone because the keypad appears to be only an extension. It’s also a bit thinner than GB2 but a bit bigger in size – which is also the same for its color display which measures 2.0 inches. Typing is also very easy and convenient and since the display is bigger and you won’t be having trouble with reading.

It has the regular features of a DTC Mobile Phone such as its Dual SIM capability, Bluetooth, internet access, Music Player, FM Radio, Camera (0.3MP), Video Player and Games. But what makes it different is that it is capable of sending and receiving MMS – multimedia messages. Its memory is also expandable up to 4GB which basically means more space to save photos, videos and music! And with its Data Cable you can easily transfer files to your PC or laptop without the need for taking off the SD card from your phone. 

Another thing I love about this phone is that it has TV!!! You can browse up to 3-4 channels depending on the signal – some may appear grainy though.

Battery life extends over two days if used solely for texting while it goes only for 8-10 hours when used for music/tv + texting. Overall, if you want a classy looking phone which is more for entertainment – then you just gotta buy this phone – it’s only PHP1,699.00 with free 2GB Memory Cards available at DTC Kiosks. If you’re looking for a QWERTY type of phone, then you might want to consider DTC’s Ego. If you want a smaller sized phone, go for DTC GB2. 

Important Announcement from DTC:
To all customers and would-be clients, GOOD NEWS!
DTC Mobile phones are now available in LAZADA PHILIPPINES.

You can now buy the latest DTC Mobile phone and have it delivered to your doorstep. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE. Now everyone can experience the excellence of DTC Mobile Phones! For more information on where DTC is available, visit them:


  1. napapa-wow na lang ako sa features ng phone these days. that little phone has a lot of features, ang bongga!

  2. Hmmm I think i saw someone review the same fone. A very basic fone that not so techy moms can use.

  3. I can't believe it's that affordable and with all those features.

  4. Being able to watch TV on a cell phone is cool! I also like a bigger screen area because it's easier to read.

  5. haha another cool tv phone :) i wonder why they are so affordable kahit na may tv sila :P
    The Bargain Doll

  6. i havent used a dtc ever! Im actually looking for a good phone for mom, im adding this to my option list cause it's so affordable. thanks!

  7. nakaka-access po ba talaga yan ng internet!?? ung ibang fone po kase may naklagay na internet pero hnd gumagana!?? :))

  8. woow this is so nice i really like it


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