Shop Feature: Sugar-Rush~

Thursday, September 06, 2012
Sugar and spice and everything nice! :D How's that for today's mantra? And how are all of you? I hope you're all doing well because right now, I would like to introduce to you something that kept me busy and still keeps me busy. You might have noticed that I have two huge banners/icons on the upper right side of my blog. See it now? Yes, let me introduce you to my newest offering to the fashion community - Sugar Rush!

Sugar Rush is an online store which I conjured up on my own. It started as just a simple business on my personal facebook account selling things that I personally like and hoping that my FB friends would like as well. I started offering the cute candy-colored polkadot headbands and the My Teddy glass cases and fortunately a lot of my friends ordered from me.So I guess it's also alright to have my own online store. I've always been wanting to open a botique of my own here in Zamboanga that's why I'm crossing my thin fingers and toes that this would be the stepping stone. 

Now, as you may all know by know, I am the girly girl type of girl. I love all things that are cute, sweet, nice and dainty. Everything that embodies sugar, thus the name of the shop. In my online store, you'll find all sorts of girly items that every kikay fashionista would like for affordable prices. I believe that every girl has some little "kikay" in them :> Here are just a few of the things that Sugar Rush offers - hopefully I'll be able to come up with my very own fashion line of clothing and bags :> Fingers crossed! 

Liked what you saw? Please help me spread the word about Sugar Rush and I will be forever grateful to you. For every 500PHP worth of purchases in a single receipt, the customer gets a special freebie from Sugar Rush! And good news! Once my page reaches 100 likes on FB, the giveaways will begin~ You all know how it's raining giveaways on my blog right? And a little giveaway from Sugar Rush won't hurt, I guess we all can agree on that. For orders and purchases, please visit the Official Online Store. For inquiries, you may send an email over to :>

Contact#: 0917-304-7573 (Globe) 


  1. Yet another fab feature! Their shop looks very promising. How I wish the shipping isn't so expensive for being overseas.

  2. Ooops looks like someone's not reading well...
    CUTE ITEMS KAI!! <3 Adorbs

  3. I like the candy-colored headbands. My nieces would most likely go for them.

  4. Congratulations on your own online shop sis! :D Love how cute these headbands are. Will definitely be ordering from you soon~ ;) Anyway, good luck on your new venture and more power! ^^

  5. Im so loving it!!!! and we do have a similar head band the one at the 2nd pic.


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