Tips for Buying Powertools

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My dad has recently been into tweaking some things at home – after all he is our handyman. By profession he is an electrician but he also knows a lot about computers, appliance repairs, carpentry and a lot more. I’d like to think my dad is very talented and indeed he is. Lately, he has mentioned how much he would like to purchase new tools – air compressor power tools which according to him, are faster , lighter and are more powerful. So to help him out, I researched about these tools. 

Basically, since he mostly deals with repairs at home and at a micro site, he’d need portable tools which are easy to carry and bring at any workplace. For those out there wanting to purchase the same tools, here are some factors to be considered: 

Portability. If you’re looking for air compressors to be used for home projects and that can fit your car or garage then you should go for the portable ones which are generally lightweight and could save space without compromising quality and efficiency. For more demanding chores, you’d want to go for a portable compressor with more power. 

Also, make sure that your aftermarket air compressor parts are easy to find so that you won't have any problem in case you'll need repairs same goes for ir centrifugal parts, you may do so by searching on the net as well. 
Power. Determine first what type of compressor you’ll need for a certain job and choose which ones can do heavy duty jobs. 

Safety. It is very vital that when handling power tools, safety should be your primary concern. I have researched some guidelines that can prove to be very useful. 
  • Always make sure that when buying an electric compressor, only an electrical outlet with specified voltage must be used. 
  • If needs be, use gloves, goggles, earplugs or a respirator. 
  • If you use a generator to power an electric compressor, be warned that it can cause damage to the motor. 
  • Moderation is key and anything in excess is bad. Do not exceed the tool’s recommended pressure. 
  • If your compressor requires oil lubrication, always make sure to check the oil level to ensure that the tool is properly & sufficiently lubricated. 
  • Use a belt guard to provide protection during use. 
  • When finished, open the drain cock to get rid of moisture. This will prolong the life of the tank. 
  • Safety relief valves allow air to escape automatically if pressure is too high


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