Tips for a Fabulous Party

Friday, September 28, 2012
There are twelve months in a year and within those months, I am pretty sure that there's a birthday, anniversary or any special occasions that needs a major celebration or a party! And when we say party, it's important that not only the celebrant ends up happy but most importantly the guests as well. Are you the kind of person who has difficulty at throwing a fabulous party? Or somewhere along that road, something always terribly goes wrong? Here are easy-peasy tips to help you throw your very own party & make the guests happy!
  • First thing to consider is the size of the venue or what you call the party space. You have to have a specific number of people you want to invite. It's actually better that the guests look crowded so they can communicate and fraternize with each other.
  • I think you need not to be told to plan ahead. Make sure that you don't get caught still doing all the preparations while your guests are already starting to pour in. It's always better to be ready at least 30 minutes before the party really starts.
  • This next tip always gives you that extra points - make sure to greet each guest as they come in. This tip can easily be sidestepped especially if you're still busy with last minute preparations or when you're stuck in a conversation with another guest. It's always a polite thing to greet guests and make them feel welcome.
  • To liven up a party, make sure you have music! Depending on the type of party you're throwing, music is very much appreciated by the guests. If you're from Texas and having a rambunctious party with younger guests, you may hire a  DJ in San Antonio, TX to liven up the party with heart pumping music, This way guests are more likely to join in the dance floor. You may even get discounts for DJ service San Antonio depending on the factors such as your location and extra equipment you can provide.
  • Some beleive that a party isn't a party without drinks. Speaking of that, it's always good to mix up the drinks before the guests come pouring in and always have a lot of glasses on hand!
  • Make your guests feel at home! Aside from greeting them at the door, help them mingle with the other guests especially the newcomers. This will make them feal at ease and loosen up. Keep an eye on those guests who appear isolated. 
  • If you're planning to hire a caterer, make sure that you have a set budget depending on the numbr of people you invite. It's always good to have enough than less right? 
And most of all, I dont think I have to tell you this - have fun! After all, it's your party! 


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