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Monday, September 03, 2012

The “Ber” months have just arrived! I know you’re all feeling the anticipation of the great festivities that are going to come our way, right? But before we even head on to that, let’s first enjoy what the present has to offer. And an offering I – I mean, we have for all of you guys. A few girls from the Zamboanga Blogger Group met up yesterday at Witch Craft to brew a little something for our loyal and supportive readers! J Personally, there are lots of reasons to give back. Here are the reasons that I am simply thankful for:
  1. I recently launched my online store – “Sugar Rush”. 
  2. I cannot believe that I have reached the 500 blog followers mark and the 60K views! :))))
  3. I have won a couple of giveaways here and there J

So you see, there are a lot to be thankful for – I owe this all to the Almighty God :> Next, to you guys who have been dropping by religiously.  We will be launching the giveaway when we are fully ready and I warn you, this is one, huge, humongous, gigantic  - call it whatever you may – giveaway! So I hope that I have built enough anticipation for you guys to come back to this blog to check it out.  :> 

All five of us met at WitchCraft yesterday to talk about the giveaway that we're planning and we decided to take some snaps while we're at it :> 

Yes, I know. Our hats are lovely and oh-so-uber-cute! :> It was nice seeing the girls again! ;)) Anyway, this week will be a very busy one. I'll have to cook up some informative reads for you guys. So see you tomorrow at my new blog entry! :3


  1. Congrats on the 60k views and 500 followers mark! ;)


  2. oooh. so that's what ropa was talking about in her tweets yesterday about ZC bloggers at witchcraft. :)) cute hats/

  3. congratulations kai for reaching that number in just a few months' time!
    i'm back to zero because i migrated to wordpress and i hope to have more pageviews again soon! :) looking forward to your huge giveaway with the girls.

    take care! :)

  4. Congrats :D very cute ng mga hats


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