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Sunday, September 16, 2012
Hello Sunday! :> I know it's supposed to be a family time today but I can't simply miss this opportunity of posting something about my online store. I won't be posting about a product review or an outfit post. I am too laaaaaaazy for that today. HAHAHA :3 Instead, here's what's new at Sugar-Rush! :3

Wanna go for a nerdy look? You can never go wrong with these Nerdy Pixel Glasses for your nerdy outfit! They are now available in 3 different colors -- Green, White & Pale Pink. All the frames are black in color though :3

Our store also has new arrivals! Check out these lovely headbands that you can match with your outfits :> 
All these babies are very affordable so you can indulge in not only one or two but three or more! That's definitely lovely right?

 Wanna go all-out girly? These little lovely bows can fix that for you! They're available in different colors & designs so grab one now -- they sell out pretty fast too! 

Here are some of the things that will be in stock over the weekend, I hope you can check out some of these too -- For the Gyaru Fans, here's something you'll definitely love! They're called the MOE Gyaru Puffed Bows! Soooo cute! :3

We'll also be stocking up on these babies - Maybelline's BabyLips Lip Balm in four flavors :) Watch out for our announcement on our Facebook Page if it's available :> If you want to purchase/order, visit our official online store where all the prices are posted. We're starting to add some new items too every week so don't forget to like our page for updates and oh, I nearly forgot, we will be launching Sugar-Rush Website too! I am totally excited for this one and of course, my dearest friend & blogger, Kenny of StyleDiaries.net will design the site. Ain't it cool? :) So there you go, please don't forget to LIKE our PAGE! <3

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