Church Sunday

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Fashion bloggers literally can have an onslaught of backlogs of outfit posts or literally have none due to a lot of reasons. I have both. But right now, I have a couple of outfit posts scheduled to be posted already so please bear with me. I will be posting more photos from events I have attended very recently but as of now I limit myself to one blog post a day.

All the photos were taken the Sunday before my trip to Manila. The outfit actually gave me an excuse to wear my lovely wedges I bought from Modernosense. The whole outfit does not really cost much - I am a stingy rat! HAHAHA :D I splurge on a few occasions but I'd rather have more for less. I actually bought another skirt in a gray color because I totally love the fit and the length is Church-appropriate. Less talk now, enjoy the photos! :>

 //Top & Skirt bought at a local mall//
//Wedges bought from Modernosense//
//Necklace from Isotopes Manila//
//Watch from Technomarine//

All photos taken by Keii Grafia


  1. ang galing! i love your outfit here! match talaga perfect for all occasion!

  2. So ladylike in a modern way! Onde se door? Love it's texture sarap mag shoot ng video :)


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