Holidays and Tankinis

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
We're now approaching the month of November and as we all know, it's time for all of us to pay respect and visit our loved ones in their respective resting places. But aside from that, working people also get to spend a time off of their jobs to just relax, unwind and take advantage of the holidays. And that's exactly what I'm planning to do. So what's in our itinerary  On the first day of the holidays, we visit the cemeteries and on the next day, we hit the beach!

I've just realized that it has been a long time since I really get to swim in the beach and feel the warm salty waters. There's always the thought of "I don't wanna get sunburned or turn two shades darker". But who cares? Taking a dip would be more therapeutic and relaxing and bonding with the family will always be a good reason. 

Now that we've decided to hit the beach, another concern comes up. What do I wear? What do I bring? Of course, there are the basics. Let me share them to you:
  •  Slippers
  •  Lotion with SPF
  •  Fresh Towels
  •  Fresh Clothes & Undies
  •  Sunglasses 
  • Music Player

They are just the top 5 basics for me to bring. Now I'm thinking of what to wear. Maxis in floral prints would be a great fit or even a nice sheer cover up will do and when it's time to swim, it's also the time for you to bring on the tankinis.
 For those who heard this for the first time, a "tankini" also called a "tanqueray" is a bathing suit that combines a tank top and a bikini bottom and was introduced in the 1990's. This type of swimwear is most convenient for me because it doesn't show a lot of skin contrary to the two piece bikinis. Plus, when you need to go to the ladies room, you don't need to take all the pieces off right? You can find a lot of cheap tankinis in numerous stores & botiques nowadays as they're getting popular among women too. 


  1. May ganito ako! Super comfortable noh? Gusto ko now ung high waisted na swimsuit! Haha

  2. I love long weekends too! Although it won't really affect me much since I work at home, I still like it since my sibs can stay home and relax as well. I guess I just like it because I know other people will get benefit from it :)

    We don't have plans for this long weekend because we're saving money for the next holiday (Christmas).

  3. I like the way the one on the right is cut. The pattern is flattering too. This would make a good holiday gift.


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