Jollibee's Magical Halloween Fun 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012
As I have said over and over again, weekends can be relaxing or taxing. But for this weekend past, it has been a wonderful kind of stress. I spent the first half of my Saturday shooting for VezTV and the other half for hosting practice/dry run for an event the next day. And just yesterday, we had a very successful event. Let me tell you all about it. 

Jollibee Zamboanga invited me to host their annual Jollibee Magical Halloween Event at Centro Pastoral and I happily obliged because it's going to be my first time to host a halloween event for kids and admittedly, laking-Jollibee ako. Meaning, as kids, my sibblings and I enjoyed endless trips to Jollibee along with the rest of our relatives and even until now, we still enjoy having Jollibee meals. 

So, all kids who went to the event were wearing their magical/spooky attires complete with make-up and props. Kids aged 4-12 participated in the competition where 10 winners were chosen. Among the ten, the top 3 kids were awarded with awesome prizes. Imagine the place being flocked by more than 600 kids and that does not include their parents yet! During the start of the show, my co-host DJ Santos from Jollibee and I sang Alladin&Jasmine's Duet "A Whole New World" and it's a good thing that we did it smoothly. The rest of the day continued with a lot of fun and games, a magic show, the costume showdown and the announcement of winners! All a fun-filled day for the kids and their parents =)

VezTV Crew covering the event.

//RedHead Hot Pink Blazer from SM GTW//
//Floral Dress from BigVs//
//Cream Wedges from Modernosense//
//Bracelets from ASOS//
//Hair and Make-up by Nhur Abubakar//
//Photo Credits: Desiree Uriarte//

What I wire for the event was very simple. The organizers felt that we didn't need to dress up in costumes as well - we let the kids do that for us. HAHAHA. Did you notice my blazer? I have a similar one in black which I used here. When I was in MNL, I made it a point to buy some much needed and wanted blazers so when I saw the black blazer at SM GTW from Redhead, I cannot resisit buying it in another color. They're just so comfy and chic-looking! 

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  1. I've said it before: You are soooop pretty (and talented even). You'll go far. :)

  2. Kai you're so payat na! XD plus how much yung blazer? :D

  3. I like the witches! Napaka Halloween! =D

  4. I'm sure all this kids in costumes looked so cute. Must've been a fun event. :)

  5. If I'm actually pregnant right now, siguro I'll be starring at your photo :))) You're so pretty!

  6. I'm so excited for Halloween! The little man is just as excited, too. :)

  7. So proud of you......just keep up and reach the goal......fgq2012

  8. Oh, how nice it is to host a kid's event, and a halloween too! Plus, don't forget Jollibee! I would probably wear a costume too if invited to host a costume event ;)

  9. Oh my sis, you look different! blooming ever <3
    you're so pretty!love your whole outfit <3
    sana may video yung performance nyo..


  10. ganda ganda mo!!! you'd be a perfect movie star. ugh, i wish im as tall and as pretty as you :)

    The Bargain Doll


  11. Wow! Hosting! Lucky you! :D This looked like a really fun event! Which reminds me... I've never been to a Halloween party, ever :| -cries in a corner-

  12. Seemed like a great event you hosted!
    The kids looks creepy cute :-)

    And they're right, you looked so pretty and sweet!

  13. Beautiful as ever! and I wonder how to do MCs with bibong kids all around..

  14. You still looked fabulous despite being in a kiddie event. You definitely stood out, literally and figuratively. And the kids looked awesome in their costumes. =)


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