My A!Life Experience!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
I know you guys probably became curious about my recent trip to Manila that's why today I'm going to tell all of you about this awesome trip which I am very thankful for. A!Life recently launched a competition or a search for two new brand ambassadors and when I saw it on Facebook, I didn't hesitate to join. I just posted a photo of me which I think best represents me and answered a question they posted in the mechanics. After that, I had to ask my friends and family to like my photo. It’s a good thing though that the judging didn't solely rely on the FB Likes but also on the photo and my answer. 

A!Life is a holistic line of natural vitamins and supplements that help provide women with inner health and outer beauty. Whether it be a!life Control, Energy, Posture, Protect, or Restore, there’s an a!life to match every woman’s need.

Finally on Oct 05, 2012, they announced the two new ambassadors for their brand! My name and photo emerged along with Ms. Ruby’s. Imagine how I screamed when I knew about it!! I am sooooo ecstatic because I’ll be flying to Manila on the 17th of October for an interview and photoshoot which will be featured on! How great is that? Of course, I’d like to thank the almighty God for this blessing the people behind A!Life and to those who voted for me during the competition! 

I left beloved Zamboanga at around 7:45am and arrived at NAIA by 9+am. Achi Madz met up with me and we directly headed towards the Yehey Office at Ortigas for a short briefing and guess who I saw there? Rhea Bue of! :)) So happy to see a fellow Zamboanguena there. We then headed to towards Summit Media Studio at Bagong Ilog, Pasig for the hair&makeup as well as the shoot. 

Outfits from MANGO
With Stylist Cams and Mommy Czjai! :)
Rhea and Mommy Czjai's Baby, Yue
Photog giving me tips.
Ruby, Martha, Me, Czjai & Dominique
A!Life Online Ambassadors
My Guaurdian in MNL *Lol* Love you, Chi!
So there you have it ladies and gents! These photos are only on the shoot alone which means Day 1. I had a lot of fun in MNL and I'm definitely contemplating on going back. Everyone was so nice and warm at the shoot :) We started around 2pm and ended by 6pm, whew! All photos plus our interviews will be posted at I'll be announcing when very soon! <3


  1. yay congrats kai! cant wait for the release of official photos! :D

  2. Wow! This is so awesome! Congratulations on being one of the ambassadors. ;) This is one great opportunity indeed!

  3. ur so standing out kai! yey!!! :-) love the hair too! :D

  4. Kaiiii! Buti na lang naitago mo ng slight ang mga love handles ko hahaha! Love the photos!

    It was nice meeting you! Sana we could do this again next time. Kelangan kasing payat mo na ko, hahaha!

  5. This is great. Congrats to you, gorgeous and the other lovely ambassadors. You're so tall. and your legs are super long. Ugh. I hate you.

  6. Wow! Congratulations to you the awesome Kai! :D I hope to meet you when you visit Manila again~ ;)

  7. congrats for winning kai! you are stunning :)
    The Bargain Doll

  8. Congratulations! You look great! :D

  9. Perfect as always Miss.Karen!

    Thanks for including me to your blog post..

    Nice Meeting you with other bloggers too!

    Again Congratulations sa'tin! :)

  10. Ikaw ang pinaka maganda!! Dapat kunin ka na talaga endorser!!


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