Review: Ansley New York Eye Shadow and Gel Eyeliner

Saturday, October 13, 2012
I am a sucker for lining the eyes to give my overall look an instant boost. Whether it’s just a straight line, a curlicue at the end, it makes a big difference. It can create an illusion of bigger eyes or one that’s chinky. For this purpose, there are lots of products out in the market under different brand names and prices. There are liquid liners, pencils, loose mineral powder and gel liners! Of all that I’ve mentioned, I would definitely want to try the gel liners just because I’ve heard rave reviews for these products!

And try I did – with gel liners from Ansley New York which you can buy from Glow and Glamour by the way. Before I head on to the formal review, here are some information about the product you might want to know:
Price: $8.40
Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner
Weight: 60.00 Grams

Product Features
·     2 in 1 eye makeup item: Eye shadow and Gel eyeliner with eyeliner brush.
·     Excellent long lasting effect: The arranged waterproof film screen prevents tears and sebum.
·     No powder scatter: Oven baked type powder has got great closing fit
◎ Options Available:
·         #1 Aqua Gray Smoky:
·         #2 Silky Browny Smoky
·         #3 Dazzling Green Smoky
So what I have are two pieces of these gel liners + eyeshadows! The ones in Aqua Gray Smoky and Silky Browny Smoky – in other words the black and brown liners :>
>>You will definitely not get disappointed in this aspect. G&G sent me these lovely babies in a box along with other beauty loot. The gel liners are encased in their signature black geometrical boxes – it’s sleek and fancy at the same time. Now, the product’s packaging is a genius! Imagine combining both eye shadows and gel liner in one? With a mirror at that? Convenience at its finest. The only problem you’ll have is to remember keeping the tiny eyeliner brush :<
>>Since this is my first time to use gel liners, I’m quite impressed with how efficient this product is.  True to its word, it stays put for a very long time. I usually apply the gel liner in the morning and when I go home, it’s still there without smudges! And it glides super smoothly on the lids! The brown liner gives a really light effect as opposed to the black liner which is more intense and edgy. I didn’t get any rashes or skin problems during my usage. The shadows are also a mix of creamy and shimmering colors which can highlight your lined eyes beautifully :>

PRICE: 4.5/5
>>For the quality you get and amount of product, 8+USD is hardly something to frown at. Totally affordable plus they give out discounts to their shoppers thru codes like mine which you can use. Get 5% off by using this code: KAIGRAFIA

I totally reccommend this product to make-up lovers out there - so far I guess I'll be sticking to gel liners for a very long time because of this experience. Thanks Glow and Glamour for this opportunity! :> Before I forget, I would like to invite all of you lovely readers to join G&G's current giveaways.

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DISCLAIMER: All products are generously provided by Glow&Glamour for review purposes. Photos are taken by the blogger and can't be reproduced without permission. Opinion expressed is 100% honest and purely the blogger's own.


  1. Why soo ? pretty!!!

    ganda ng mga damit and shorts dun sa facebook photos mo, ikaw tlaga ang naga benta ?

  2. I am a fan of gel eyeliners! They are less smudgy than pencils but easier to use than liquid liners :) I think it's cool that you get the eyeliner plus the eyeshadows. Worth it! :)

  3. aaw I want the eyeliner too!!

    HI There, new

  4. I agree with you with brush. It's very compact na sana.

  5. nice review. im glad you feature a lot of different products here in your blog :)

    <a href="'> The Bargain Doll </a>

  6. The gel liner looks so nice when swatched ah! Anyway, I have a gel liner but I haven't really found myself using it a lot. I think I'll practice applying it muna then maybe I can purchase this brand :)

    PS: Love the new look of your blog!


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