Sea Nymph Photo Shoot~

Friday, October 05, 2012
Before this week ends, I would like to release the photos of our Sea Nymph Photoshoot! I have posted some Behind-the-Scenes photos before here on my blog and I hope that you're actually anticipating to see the outcome of our photo shoot. And now, I present to you, the Sea Nymphs!

This shoot will not be possible without the following people and I would like to thank them all:

Photographer: Sefi Curada of Sefi Curada Fashion Photography
Designer: Empress Usni Sali
Hair&Make-Up Artist: Shadz Arula 
Creative Assistant: Prei Araneta Datolio
Assistants: Shadie Siocon
Dominic Itliong

Kai Grafia - that's ME! :)
Winzelle Mae Narciso
Natasha Julian
Krizia Mei Camoro

Sefi told me I looked like Doutzen Kroes in my photos - it's a compliment I suppose. HAHA :) But Doutzen is too beautiful to be compared to me. LOL! :) Anyway, I just love the photos sooooo much! I guess all the hard work really paid off - from walking barefoot, rolling on the sand and getting soaked with salt water and withstanding the current & the sun! HAHA :) You'll think it was easy shooting the photos. 

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  1. You looks so hot and sexy in that dress. You're such a beautiful model! :) Beautiful shots too! ^___^


  2. you look like a goddess, as sea nymph goddess, to be exact! You definitely rocked your sea nyphm costumes. :)

  3. all look gorgeous and elegant.. i love your poses and gown, too! You are so lovely kai :) clap!clap!clap!

  4. I just googled Doutzen Kroes. haha She is adorable. So are you.

  5. I love the second-to-the-last photo! Magazine cover!

  6. Had a great time with you guise! 'til the next project Kai! :)

  7. This really reminds me of Temptation Island. So sexy! (and fun, if you were in the set. hehe)

  8. You really worked the dress. Looks like a real mermaid in the fourth photo. Congrats! :))

  9. so your photo in other sites sis. your so pretty!:)


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