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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Good grief. It's Tuesday again which basically means a very busy day for me. Lots of errands to be done. Anyway, I also forgot to tell you that I shopped for footwear last weekend alone. Yes, I was alone by myself walking around the few malls we have in Zamboanga. If you're from my city, I would have to say that I love shopping at The Gateway Mall because they have lots of fresh stocks and a lot of choices. I'm going to have a trip to MNL this coming Sunday for the A!Life Shoot and I plan on shopping like crazy which means there'll be a lot of walking! So I wanted to buy mooooore flats which cost less. Hey, I'm a simple girl who loves the simple things in life. Here are my amazingly affordable buys:

 Like I said, they are super affordable and won't really empty your pockets/wallets. I'm all for practical shopping especially since I easily get bored with a certain pair of flats, slippers or shoes. I think I will be buying more of those PinkPomelo slippers - I adore the designs soooo much and they have lots of lovely colors too! I also chose the neutral colors when it comes to flats to match my outfits on days when I'm lazy - admit it, you have those days too. *lol 

In the meantime, enjoy this "little" footwear haul I have because it will take a while for me to post more of my shoe collection. By the way, if you haven't joined my awesome giveaway yet, join our Hermosa Octofest Giveaway NOW!

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