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Friday, October 26, 2012
I know we're all thankful for a holiday in the end of a very busy work week. But I'm still stuck with a lot of things to do and I'm not complaining. I'm happy about this =) I don't think I'll ever survive without doing anything productive.

 Today, I'm going to post a really short update about a birthday celebration I attended last October 20. Lei's little sister, Louise, finally turned 18 and of course we were invited. Teehee! Just wanna show you guys what I wore to the event. This was just right after my trip to Manila. And yes, I consider myself a fool for not charging my camera prior to attending the event because it died in the middle of what seemed to be an awesome night with friends :( Anyhow, I still managed to salvage some photos. HAHAHA =)

Debutant "Louise" in plaid polo.

//Redhead Black Blazer from SM GTW//
//Inner White Top from Fashion Market//
//Shorts from local store//
//Cream Round Toe Wedges from Modernosense//
//Necklace from local store//
//Watch from Technomarine//

 I definitely love the black Blazer I bought from SM GTW. It's very useful for me and it really fits me well. Nothing beats blazers to convert your outift into a corporate one! I say it's very simple but chic. 

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