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Monday, November 05, 2012
Finally. I’ve been planning to do this look for a long time now and I’m so happy that I finally have the photos to show up for it. The truth is I promised Miss Alice and Pam, owners of Estilo Libre and Pulseras respectively, that I’d post the look within the week. But I wasn’t able to accommodate it because there was no one to take my outfit posts ;) My sister usually goes ahead of me to work and we’re all rushing, getting ready and stuff so there isn’t really time to do outfit posts. And at work, Lei already left the company, so I’m alone most of the times. Anyway, one lazy morning, my sister had free time and agreed to take my photos. Here they are: 

//Animal Print Varsity Jacket from Estilo Libre// 
//Printed Tank Top from Punkalife// 
//Slim-Fitted Pants bought from D’Girl// 
//Tan Doctor’s Bag bought from Parisian// 
//Gold Pyramid Bracelet bought from ASOS// 
//Tan Chunky Heels bought from Modernosense// 
//Fedora Hat from my cousin// 
//Watch from Technomarine// 

You might be surprised to see the jacket I was wearing. Don’t you think it’s awesome to see a new style of VJs? Instead of the two tone jackets you normally see, I got myself an animal print. I simply love the fabric used; it’s very comfortable and will definitely keep you warm in colder days. Dual purpose, it keeps you warm and stylish. They’re also very affordable so there’s no reason to worry. Estilo Libre offers two tone varsity jackets and you can request to have letter appliques – nothing beats personalized! 

For the accessories, I went with gold because it complements the brow shades in my outfit. They all work together! Thank you so much Miss Alice for the wonderful surprises you sent me. You are sooo kind! =) I have one more VJ up on my closet and it will also get featured on my blog so better watch out for that! 

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  1. i love that top! you look so fierce in this outfit :D

  2. Love the look, Kai! And I'm smitten by the doctor's bag. :)

  3. I looooove this! Totally rolling into some sort of 'Safari' look ;) I love your hat too btw! (I have an obsession with hats lol)

  4. You look freaking gorgeous in skinnies!

  5. you look very sexy yet very youthful here! ganda mo girl :)


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