Dolcespressivo Facebook Giveaway

Friday, November 09, 2012
Dolcespressivo, the home of the Flag Shorts, is having a Facebook Giveaway Contest! The RACE TO 1,200 likes starts NOW! Get ready to win a pair of our most coveted British Flag Shorts exclusively made by DolcespressivoShoppe Online! All you ladies and gents have to do are the following:

To join, just click the photo and you'll be redirected to the contest page! All mechanics are indicated on the photo already so be sure to follow them all to avoid disqualification.

Terms and Conditions:
*PRIZE is the actual item posted on this banner.
*PRIZE is NON-TRANSFERABLE to cash/GCs or another size/design and the like.
*Giveaway is applicable to Philippine residents ONLY.
*Winner will be raffled via
*Entries will be validated and checked! No cheating please! :)

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